How To Use Jalousie In A Sentence

  • All the European houses seem to have very deep verandas, large, lofty rooms, punkahs everywhere, windows without glass, brick floors, and jalousies and "tatties" (blinds made of grass or finely-split bamboo) to keep out the light and the flies. The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither
  • No one was in the streets that wee Shane could see, and yet the town was lifeful, some tropical city where the green jalousies were closed in the heat of the midday sun, and where no one was on the streets, barring some unseen old beggar or peddling woman drowsing in the shade. The Wind Bloweth
  • It was madness to cover public buildings with open oil lamps and leave them to be looked after by natives -- this huge Taj hotel, dry as tinder outside, a complexity of dry wooden jalousies and balconies, was covered with these lights and floating flags -- how it didn't go off like a squib was a miracle. From Edinburgh to India & Burmah
  • James Carl "jalousie" 2008 Installation view Courtesy of Diaz Contemporary/photo Toni Hafkenscheid Canadian Art - Online
  • At Monticello there were what Jefferson called Venetian porches, which were fitted out with jalousies, or louvered blinds, constructed according to a drawing in Jefferson's hand (Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston).
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  • He heard footsteps on the steel stairway, then a shadow crossed his window and someone tapped tentatively on the jalousie. Rain Gods
  • The steel and wood stair floats in a tower glazed in shingled panels of frosted glass, like an over-scaled jalousie window.
  • Dick looked about him, but could see nothing at all suitable until his gaze happened to fall upon the window of a house opposite him, which was closed by a kind of jalousie shutter. In Search of El Dorado
  • There is faded grandeur in its crumbling, mouldy mansions with their jalousie-fronted windows, porches and verandas.
  • The jalousie's louvers can be adjusted very quickly to control the interior environment and respond to changing weather conditions
  • He also called them his Venetian porches - a clear reference to the jalousies, or louvered blinds, that constitute the walls.
  • A cramped sun porch wrapped in jalousie windows, sparsely furnished. Learning to Die in Miami
  • The colonial architecture found in parts of Georgetown is still impressive wooden buildings with jalousies and high ceilings to facilitate ventilation, some featuring large, wooden verandas.
  • Clawson tried to see through the corner of the jalousie with no success. Rain Gods
  • The setting sun poured in through the jalousie windows like fire, backlighting the food-laden buffet table. THE SAVING GRACES
  • Although the jalousies are painted green, the interiors are not gloomy. In fact, the grass green color becomes more luminous in certain light and particularly when reflected off the plaster ceilings.
  • The front window slid open, and in the back were jalousie windows that I cranked wide to let in the breeze. Motel Paradiso
  • British influence, with wooden jalousies, wide porches, and patterned railings and fretwork, dominated urban architecture in the colonial period.

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