How To Use Jail cell In A Sentence

  • He has few fond recollections of his six weeks in a German jail cell.
  • [Verse Three] Trees buckled like knees Continuing to build and break the seventh seal From the sky came firey hail, trains derailed Horseman hooded with sheets shaped in concrete War of the lion, voids thunder when I speak From their finger came lightning, striking the beast {* thunder*} Jail cell broken by the wise - Articles related to Product Review: Easy Cake Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate
  • Judging from the tragic footage that has come out of Tahrir Square and Alexandria, and the horror stories leaking out of jail cells, Mr. Mubarak may, in fact, protract his rule for weeks or even months. Mubarak's Interests Are Not America's
  • I spent a couple hours in a jail cell after one arrest and a life-transforming month in a juvenile shelter after a parental conflict over my incorrigibility. Christine A. Scheller: 'Felon' Is The New N-Word
  • The police lieutenant who handled the case of our intruder called and informed me that the man who broke into our house was found dead in his jail cell.
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  • Jared's brother gets whacked, and Jared finds himself a prisoner, inexplicably held captive in a jail cell.
  • The result is that Cassius Broaster sits in a federal jail cell with little to do but keep his big yap shut.
  • He had not been accused of a crime, yet Curtis Brown spent 10 of his last days in a jail cell.
  • As between further violence and contempt of court, she may rationally choose the jail cell.
  • He appeared by video link to have charges dropped against him for having a shank in his jail cell.
  • But I think it would be for the best that we wait until she is confined in a jail cell, it may be too hard to keep her under control in the open like this.
  • And as long as he's dragging "The Andy Griffith Show" into the equation, let me remind him that Sheriff Andy Taylor was a single parent who dated several women, didn't wear a gun, had lax law enforcement (Otis the town drunk had a key to the jail cell), and what about that nellie never-married town clerk Howard Sprague? That Putz
  • So they threw their plates against the jail cell walls - "plat," he says, trying to verbalize what that might sound like - and ate their dinner as it ran in rivers to the stone floor. - Home Page
  • Or, as those of us who have followed its use have observed, being asleep in a car, or a 15-year-old Inuk girl handcuffed to the floor in a jail cell, or a woman with two kids on her lap, or a disabled Native man who refused to remove a ceremonial necklace*, or an 82-year-old heart patient in a hospital bed, or a fare-dodger on public transport. Archive 2009-07-01
  • Chin spent the night locked in a jail cell with a condemned man.
  • Lucy Skaer's "Cell #1 with rules and exceptions" from 2005, based on a photograph of a jail cell, transforms the image by filling in the negative spaces between the bars with small, even anal-compulsive strips of banded color, interrupted by cloudlike shadow-forms where the page is left blank. Medium is message at Tate Britain 'Watercolour' show
  • Can you bust out of a jail cell with dynamite?
  • She felt trapped, like a prisoner trapped in a jail cell with no luck of escaping.
  • A block or so away from Insert Coins stands City Hall which seems as good a place as any for Hsieh to spell out his vision, not just for the building -- "there are jail cells in there; we're thinking of turning them into nap rooms, or maybe a speak-easy" -- but for the whole of downtown Vegas. Paul Carr: The Strip Diary, Day Twenty One: From Sin City to Sim City -- Tony Hsieh's Plan to Rebuild Downtown Vegas
  • Many of the narcos are on the outside, they don't even know the inside of a jail cell.
  • Astrid was clearly making an effort to look cheerful, but I could tell she was distraught, and even I felt a little guilty at the thought of poor Łukasz, who had been nice to me, languishing in some Communist jail cell while we feasted on langouste and oysters. Dreaming in French
  • Madoff now occupies a jail cell , the size of a walk - in closet.
  • If a man touches a woman, her parents, relatives and bystanders off the street mete out justice that even Big Al, the WWE bunkmate in your jail cell, would admire. Charlie Sheen To Make More Two And A Half Men, The Turd
  • Being an ex-serviceman, I get annoyed at the fact that my barrackroom was smaller than a jail cell. Couldn’t Prosecute Satan « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG
  • He had not been accused of a crime, yet Curtis Brown spent 10 of his last days in a jail cell.
  • See you on the Barack-cade ... and in the jail cells, the computer cells, the solar cells, the human cells .... Harvey Wasserman: Will Obama-Mania Lead Us to Solartopia? Yes We Will!
  • In April, Williams shared a jail cell with Wooten, in a housing assignment officials have said was an accident.
  • Mladic attorney Milos Saljic visited him in his jail cell in the early afternoon and said the former general was crying and very emotional during what he called a farewell visit by his wife and sister. Mladic spending night in isolation at UN prison

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