How To Use Isthmus of corinth In A Sentence

  • The chief divisions of the kingdom are Northern Greece, or Hellas, lying north of the Gulf of Lepanto; the peninsula of the Morea, connected with the mainland by the Isthmus of Corinth; and various islands scattered over the greater part of the Grecian Archipelago. A Geography for Beginners.
  • Public service in this period included personal services such as labor on the fortifications being built at the isthmus of Corinth and the quartering and provisioning of dragoons and their mounts in the villages in the winter months.
  • The popularity of the athletic contests at Olympia grew so great that in the first half of the sixth century games were added at Delphi the so-called Pythian Games as well as at Nemea and the Isthmus of Corinth. THE LANDMARK THUCYDIDES
  • Initially the male population was required to supply labor services for defensive works at the isthmus of Corinth while inhabitants of the villages were also required to supply lodging and provisions for the dragoons.
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