How To Use Irrupt In A Sentence

  • The crowd irrupted into a burst of patriotism
  • The Transfiguration, observed traditionally in this last Sunday before Lent, brings Epiphany to a close with another divine irruption into the earthly.
  • She irrupted into our sitting room
  • The white, two-foot-tall birds, which live in the Arctic the rest of the year, are known to fly south in large numbers every few winters in what is known as an irruption. NYT > Home Page
  • Snowy Owls are migratory, nomadic, and irruptive.
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  • The Bishop's girnel was kept the first night by the labours of John Knox, who by exhortation removed such as would violentlie have made irruption. Royal Edinburgh Her Saints, Kings, Prophets and Poets
  • The gas outside can preventing already so from the gate straight irruptive sitting room, also can make at the same time narrow porch does not appear too narrow.
  • The irruption followed larger, multiple border-rushings three weeks ago on Nabka "catastrophe" Day, following the anniversary of Israel's independence. The Syrian Diversion
  • Neither the Great Depression nor the Second World War dampened the impetus with which Argentina irrupted into the twentieth century.
  • Can one not wager that it is Agnes ‘herself’ come to voice, and the cry the resuscitated irruptive voice of the dead, a true, unexpected prosopopoeia?
  • He had no right to irrupt back into my life after all this time.
  • The mullahs have appointed themselves the enemy of fun; as a result, wherever fun herniates into view, it is a politicized irruption of defiance. Iran Bans Valentine's Day
  • After protests by many, the horticultural industry developed a sterile hybrid with the same luscious cadmium blossoms but no ability to irrupt.
  • The irruption has included both bright red males and greenish or greyish females and juveniles. Times, Sunday Times
  • The instinct is to preserve the status quo against this irruption, not to see the irruption as constitutive of the status quo.
  • Restoration wishes to limit irruptive, aggressive, and disruptive species.
  • A debate has irrupted, involving many participants, about what constitutes a blog. Tony Vs Om: AO-GO-KO?
  • the recent irruption of bad manners
  • A riot irrupted last night.
  • And in winter, they sometimes irrupt, or move south of their more usual range in large numbers.
  • Derrida irrupted into Western philosophy from the repressed margin of the imperial West.
  • The church of Elgin had, in the intestine tumults of the barbarous ages, been laid waste by the irruption of a highland chief, whom the bishop had offended; but it was gradually restored to the state, of which the traces may be now discerned, and was at last not destroyed by the tumultuous violence of Knox, but more shamefully suffered to dilapidate by deliberate robbery and frigid indifference. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland
  • He nailed me for calling it a migration as opposed to an irruption.
  • But by the time the novel is over, we've seen how small irruptions of human weakness, no less than gigantic cultural fissures, can change everything.
  • Their inconspicuous nature, relatively small numbers, and irruptive behavior make it difficult to monitor the population.
  • And then she lashes out, brandishing her weapon and again there is an irruption of violence, a struggle on the floor, bodies threshing.
  • About the end of the seventh century, they, like all the other nations inhabiting Sarmatia, made irruptions towards the Danube, and inundated the Roman Empire. A Philosophical Dictionary
  • They laid down the Cross, put His hands on it, and drove nails into His hands—not into the fleshy part, but in the wrist area so that the nervous system would be irrupted and pain would shoot all through His body. FROM THE CROSS TO PENTECOST
  • The rest of their career - thirteen years! - played out in the shadow of its irruptive beginning.
  • This massive bird migration is called an "irruption", and apparently an irruption of this proportion is extremely rare. Canada invades u.s.!
  • War irrupts convulsively into the history of civilizations as a loss of control, partially managed by competing political interests.
  • Testaments were vitiated in several ways: nullum, void from the beginning, where there was a defect in the institution of the heir or incapacity in the testator; injustum, not legally executed and hence void; ruptum, by revocation or by the agnation of a posthumous child, either natural or civil; irruptum, where the testator had lost the civil status necessary for testation; destitutum, where the heir defaulted because dead or unwilling, or upon failure of the condition; recissum, as the consequence of a legal attack upon an undutiful will. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 9: Laprade-Mass Liturgy
  • For later Heidegger, “being” is not a brute fact or timeless dimension of human experience but something that irrupted into human consciousness with the Greeks and can undergo decisive changes such as he hoped the Nazi-Zeit would bring. Enowning
  • This object, aligned with Evil, is a thing of desire for us, an outlet for the irruption of Evil.
  • They do undertake short-distance movements in some parts of their range, and irruptions occur in some years.
  • The book is a melange of logical exposition, poetic irruptions, and travel on a road with many detours and roadside attractions.
  • (I consign to parentheses the equally problematic issue of race, although few readers familiar with Austen will want to ignore the near-hysterical irruption of "the slave-trade" into one of Jane Fairfax's earlier conversations [271], as if in compulsive, belated echo of the formidable subtext haunting Mansfield Park.) Saying What One Thinks: Emma--_Emma_--at Box Hill
  • They inspire a twitcher-like frenzy and rare species prompt great irruptions of lovestruck orchid-hunters. Times, Sunday Times
  • Such a temporal event is something irruptive and unpredictable, both in its causes and effects.
  • The water irrupted into our boat.
  • Charlotte is poorly with cold and toothache attended with a general kind of irruption on the skin. Letter 298
  • I only affirm that the northern regions were not, when their irruptions subdued the Romans, overpeopled with regard to their real extent of territory, and power of fertility. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland
  • Events, as elements of the discourse, or rather the pre-discourse, are irruptive and specific, and essentially discontinuous.
  • The water irrupted into our boat.
  • Called him up, she was very concerned, as you've heard him say and absolutely ecstatic irruption irrupted here and over the course of the past few hours we have seen these bursts of applause as people watch the developments come in and they realize that this really is the truth that Jennifer is OK and that the reunion is going to be underway a little later today. CNN Transcript Apr 30, 2005
  • But climate change, restoration, biotechnology, and irrupting species have forced ecologists to consider what was, in order to imagine what ought to be.
  • And should the "political" be defined as the irruption of something that is denied recognition? Blogbot - forsiden
  • They inspire a twitcher-like frenzy and rare species prompt great irruptions of lovestruck orchid-hunters. Times, Sunday Times
  • Still addressing me with tearful insults and telling me that I was a coward, she irrupted in the living room with a large knife in her hands.
  • They undergo almost cyclical irruptions across portions of their winter range, which may be associated with conifer seed crops.
  • The method was tested in a certain mine district water irruption prediction, the validity and reliability were proved elementarily.
  • The whole hallway stopped to look at him and everyone of them irrupted in laughter! CodyR Comments
  • My neighbors in Tucson, for instance, planted South African sweet gum that irrupted into the Sonoran desert and covered cactus and other indigenous shrubs.
  • When, promptly at twelve, the doors were unlocked, clusters of shoppers who had been waiting outside on the sidewalks irrupted and dispersed in all directions. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
  • The island's rodent population irrupted

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