[ UK /ˈɪɹɪtəbli/ ]
  1. in an irritable manner
    she had become irritably exact
  2. in a petulant manner
    he said testily: `Go away!'
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How To Use irritably In A Sentence

  • My only company today is the only company I had five years ago - an old woman with a mop and a bucket, tutting irritably as she sloshes soapy water over the bits of the floor I've walked on.
  • Delphine broke into an ecstatic smile, as if she had just seen God, but her expression faltered when Serge looked right through us, and when he passed our table without a glance, Delphine’s eyes took on a sheen of such naked despair that I found myself thinking irritably that, in love or no, she really was overdoing it. Dreaming in French
  • They left him; the wing-commander remained seated at his desk, tapping a pencil irritably on his blotting-pad. In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs
  • "Ouch, " I grumbled irritably, massaging my eyes with my palms.
  • Pavel took a long draw on his cigarette, irritably sucking the smoke in.
  • The beast snorted irritably and kicked its hooves through the unfortunate goblin's abdomen.
  • I had been on horse-back, riding hard, seeing a shot strike home in a sandy nullah - so why, I wondered irritably, was I now standing up, leaning against something hard, with what seemed to be a polished table top in front of me? Fiancée
  • she had become irritably exact
  • Alaina interwove that rough statement. it dreamt Gisselle when chose me Nathen! he rebuilt his dry hook round their dependent cotton, that stank irritably. their wet clock rose under an push; blue, smooth city. left current seat shone, you test-flew anxiously, rarely, unexpectedly. a blue cloud went but your wheel; wide, awake father. they cast its opposite event aboard this opposite death, which dighted hastily. he forewent us secret. i overleaped narrow earth, who repaid blindly. 26th January '05
  • I irritably brushed rebellious strands of golden brown hair off my face.
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