[ US /ˌɪnˈvɛɹiəns/ ]
  1. the nature of a quantity or property or function that remains unchanged when a given transformation is applied to it
    the invariance of the configuration under translation
  2. the quality of being resistant to variation
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How To Use invariance In A Sentence

  • The intuition behind MM's second invariance theorem, i.e., that dividend policy does not affect the market value of the firm in equilibrium, is also apparent in retrospect. The Prize in Economics 1990 - Press Release
  • This is applicable for discrete and continuous symmetries (although no time reversal symmetries) that are associated with invariance under unitary transformations. Special Post: Noether’s First Theorem – Emmy Noether for Ada Lovelace Day
  • In classical mathematics, he founded modern topology by establishing, for example, the topological invariance of dimension and the fixpoint theorem.
  • This principle of time invariance is enshrined in Noether’s Theorem. The perpetual motion machine « Anglican Samizdat
  • They almost always break the Lorentz invariance which is always a huge problem because the Lorentz invariance is one of the key experimentally verified principles underlying modern science (special relativity is crucial in particle physics). The Reference Frame
  • The Weyl curvature thereby returns to zero, all particles are massless again, and conformal invariance resumes. Archive 2009-05-01
  • Pearle's approach requires the precise formulation of the idea of stochastic Lorentz invariance. Collapse Theories
  • the invariance of the configuration under translation
  • Others, notably James Clerk Maxwell, restricted their opposition to the attempts to apply the concept of natural selection outside the biological realm by pointing to the invariances of the microscopic world.
  • However, characterizing the migration and traction of a population of cells assuming time invariance obviates determination of dynamic changes in the associated parameters.
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