[ UK /ɪntˈɜːpɹɪt/ ]
[ US /ˌɪnˈtɝpɹət/ ]
  1. restate (words) from one language into another language
    Can you interpret the speech of the visiting dignitaries?
    She rendered the French poem into English
    He translates for the U.N.
    I have to translate when my in-laws from Austria visit the U.S.
  2. create an image or likeness of
    The painter represented his wife as a young girl
  3. make sense of a language
    Can you read Greek?
    She understands French
  4. give an interpretation or rendition of
    The pianist rendered the Beethoven sonata beautifully
  5. give an interpretation or explanation to
  6. make sense of; assign a meaning to
    How do you interpret his behavior?
    What message do you see in this letter?
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How To Use interpret In A Sentence

  • The formation of coral terraces is interpreted as the product of approximately uniform long-term uplift superimposed on eustatic changes in sea level.
  • The Ahmadiyah were explicitly "warned and ordered" that "as long as they consider themselves to hold to Islam, to discontinue the promulgation of interpretations and activities that are deviant from the principal teachings of Islam, that is to say the promulgation of beliefs that recognize a prophet with all his teachings who comes after the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The Heritage Foundation Papers
  • Animals are humanized, that is, the kinship between animal and human life is still keenly felt, and this reminds us of those early animistic interpretations of nature which subsequently led to doctrines of metempsychosis. The Art of the Story-Teller
  • Words regarding the necessity to change the souls of human beings to effect real change in the world should not be interpreted to mean that black religious leaders were adopting a quietistic approach to civil rights.
  • The scientific revolution also had its corrosive impact on a literal interpretation of the Bible. Times, Sunday Times
  • Actual results may differ materially from those set forth in this release due to the risks and uncertainties inherent in Somaxon's business, including, without limitation, Somaxon's interpretation of its communications and interactions with the FDA relating to the requirements for approval of the NDA for Silenor, and the FDA's agreement with such interpretation; Somaxon's interpretation of the results of the clinical trials for Silenor, the timing of the interpretation of such results and the FDA's agreement with such interpretation; the potential for Somaxon to make a resubmission to the Silenor NDA; the potential for Silenor to receive regulatory approval for one or more indications on a timely basis or at all; the potential for the FDA to impose non-clinical, clinical or other requirements to be completed before or after regulatory approval of Silenor; Somaxon's ability to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the FDA that potential NDA approval of Silenor is appropriate prior to the completion of standard, long-term carcinogenicity studies, given the context of completed trials and pending studies; the timing and results of non-clinical studies for Silenor, and the FDA's agreement with Somaxon's interpretation of such results; Digital50.com Digital 50 Daily Industry News RSS Feed
  • In his abstract ballets or interpretations of music, he rarely worried about the mood or emotional content of the music.
  • The essays also stress how important were the dynamics of receiving cultures for the appropriation and interpretation of Christianity.
  • Sadly what he calls'the paucity of evidence and excess of speculative interpretation' is unlikely to clear the air. The Times Literary Supplement
  • I. iii.21 (405,9) He shall live a man forbid] Mr. Theobald has very justly explained _forbid_ by _accursed_, but without giving any reason of his interpretation. Notes to Shakespeare, Volume III: The Tragedies
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