How To Use Interestingness In A Sentence

  • Is writing style related to readers' assessments of a story in terms of its interestingness, informativeness, dullness and other story characteristics?
  • And there's a civil engineering company I've been told about, which internally audits all its projects for profitability, interestingness, and how easy the client is to deal with.
  • One person's "interestingness," isn't objective and universal, though. I have 818 posts tagged "Obama."
  • I can't tell you how to determine "usefulness" and "interestingness" -- it's something you'll figure out through practice and experimentation. Fast Company
  • Interestingness is another important threshold besides minimum support and minimum confidence for association rules.
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  • Today, Flickr has interestingness, which is a measure of some combination of how many times a picture has been viewed, how many comments it has, how many times it's been tagged or marked as a favorite, and some other special sauce. The Interesting Economy - Anil Dash
  • To avoid gaming, Flickr doesn't explain the precise algorithm it uses to measure "interestingness," just as Google doesn't disclose how it ranks pages. Esther Dyson: The Quantification of Everything
  • Traditional way of lexical teaching is obviously characterized with certain deficiencies, such as uninterestingness, low class participation of language learners, unfirmness of learners' memory.
  • I found a marked uptick in the "interestingness" of the place. Lou Plugs Historic Birmingham
  • The flaw, and it is a fatal one, is that Jack has been robbed of more than his innocence, he's been robbed of his interestingness.
  • I read the Flickr patent this morning and FWIW I don't think Flickr should be able to get a broad patent on "interestingness". Boing Boing: November 5, 2006 - November 11, 2006 Archives
  • Interestingness is one of important index for evaluation of rules, and a way for evaluation of subjective interestingness is introduced in this thesis to help users discovering more significant rules.
  • Interestingness is another important threshold besides minimum support and minimum confidence for association rules.
  • The main advantage Flickr has with interestingness is that it is based on human input as opposed to pure computer generated search algorhithm. Tag me « BuzzMachine
  • A long time in the making, interestingness is a ranking algorithm based on user behavior around the photos taking into account some obvious things like how many users add the photo to their favorites and some subtle things like the relationship between the person who uploaded the photo and the people who are commenting (plus a whole bunch of secret sauce). Flickr the Future of 'Interestingness' in RSS
  • Wikinear is a great example, but it's currently limited to content on Wikipedia, and this content has to pass a 'notability' test that doesn't reflect local concepts of notability or 'interestingness'. Archive 2008-05-01
  • I’m not sure on this for sure as interestingness is “secret sauce” or so they say. Interestingness « BuzzMachine
  • With having not watched any the day before and the interestingness of the matches on the show courts, I was quite looking forward to watching some tennis and my was it gripping!
  • Basically I spent some time hanging around someone and that's pretty much it in terms of interestingness.
  • Independent of price though she has the coolest copy and word invention (and what is more important really eg 'interestingness') But given I get 7,000 page views a day on flickr, and make not a cent, so I could relate to the thinking behind Anil's argument, which always rock, as does Caterina. Archive 2005-10-01

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