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[ US /ˌɪnˈstænʃiˌeɪt/ ]
  1. represent by an instance
    This word instantiates the usage that the linguists claimed to be typical for a certain dialect
  2. find an instance of (a word or particular usage of a word)
    The linguists could not instantiate this sense of the noun that he claimed existed in a certain dialect
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How To Use instantiate In A Sentence

  • What if writing test helpers requires instantiating dependencies that are difficult to instantiate, which is why you haven't bothered writing tests to begin with? Archive 2007-10-01
  • Unlike standard Java servlets, presentation objects are instantiated once for each HTTP request.
  • It is not an idea as we experience ideas, not an object in ideation itself, but the schematic instantiated in an object. Notes on Notes
  • The concept unicorn is not instantiated.
  • When you close the label editor all languages which no other logged on user has instantiated are flushed back to the ald. Site Home
  • Chandler suggests that casuistry instantiates the very form of deliberation as value-constructing activity, and he explains its historical evolution from the classical Jesuit activity to English Romanticism.
  • The locator instantiates our dynamic proxy implementation of StockQuote.
  • The elaboration process instantiates modules, evaluates and propagates symbolic constants, checks the connectivity of all the devices and produces a checked, consistent design.
  • Associated with the class are one or more methods and fields that are implemented in a specific language such as instantiate a class, you create an object (something real that can be executed in the computer). SearchWinIT: News on enterprise Windows platforms and applications
  • The fact that I do not believe that this property of intrinsic blueness is ever instantiated does not mean that I should give up the concept, any more than disbelievers in Satan should give up the concept of satanic.
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