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  • Before another door in the wall to his left, opening onto a broad balcony, was a well-worn desk, covered with a blotter, a neat stack of parchments, inkwells, a small rack of reed pens, a small waterclock, and other paraphernalia.
  • I can still see the little wooden desks and their clotted inkwells as we reached 12 times 12, which is, I can assure you, 144.
  • Umber set a feathered pen and an inkwell on the desktop and pulled a stool out of the corner of the room. End of Time
  • On top of it, they had placed a silver inkwell and pen tray, which was also brand-new from Liberty's.
  • Among the finds he made were water pools, which he believed were used for ritual bathing, and multiple inkwells found in a room that became known as the "scriptorium. Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion
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  • I threw the book on the floor and picked up my inkwell and feather pen, then walked down the stairs to our Dining hall.
  • He replaced his quill in the inkwell and again looked up at the two.
  • There is parchment and pen and inkwell on the table, Gruffydd. HERE BE DRAGONS
  • Almost all the objects were made in France and England and are either functional, like vase-shaped inkwells or perfume burners, or they incorporate vases in their decoration.
  • The discovery of two inkwells and a plastered table and bench strongly suggested that one of the rooms was a scriptorium, a room set apart for writing or copying manuscripts.
  • A final thought made him drop the chair back onto four legs, stand up and toy nervously with the inkwell.
  • Bell pushes were often made as part of a desk set, orgarniture de bureau, which would also contain a blotter, a clock, candlesticks, a pen rest, an inkwell, a stamp box, a glue pot, and a notepad holder.
  • The ceramic was also used for inkwells, match holders, flowerpots, and tobacco pipes.
  • But then she flushed to remember the name belonged to the boy who had stuck a bag of Halloween candy into the inkwell of her old desk. Unearthly Asylum
  • Another great public interview on the WELL's public Inkwell conference starts today: Bruce Sterling is being interviewed about his new book, "Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next 50 Years," which is a fantastic read that puts previous attempts at this kind of futurism, [cough Toffler cough] to shame: Boing Boing: December 29, 2002 - January 4, 2003 Archives
  • I started my writing life in the 1940s as an elementary student at the Washington School in Medford, Massachusetts, using a steel-nibbed pen and an inkwell, so I have lived through every technology. Fiction in the Age of E-Books
  • For what makes happy the one we adore makes us happy; what not, not; the universe is a void, an unfathomable inkwell otherwise. I'LL TAKE YOU THERE
  • I wrote a couple more about my mother thinking my room was like a bombsite and putting ink into the boys' inkwells before an arithmetic test.
  • The ink is very viscous and the inkwell is a very thin tube. Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  • On his desk, the inkwell sat in a precise line with the quill holder and the wax seals. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady
  • Computer hard drives and printers are a far cry from the nib pens and inkwells of Fairymount National School 100 years ago.
  • I made this core-formed vessel especially shallow so that I could have something completely vitreous to use as an inkwell. Kater’s Art » 2010 » March
  • Holly dipped the quill into a golden inkwell near the till and filled in her name, address and school onto the little card.
  • It has rows of old style desks with seats attached, old fashioned inkwells, photographs of King Edward VIII and Queen Alexandra on the wall, and an old-fashioned globe with British colonies shown in red.
  • We even had to use inkwells which were filled on a regular basis by Sister Madeleine and her big bottle of midnight blue ink.
  • The discovery of two inkwells and a plastered table and bench strongly suggested that one of the rooms was a scriptorium, a room set apart for writing or copying manuscripts.
  • The plates used to make Browne's illustrations for "David Copperfield" are here, as are Dickens's traveling inkwell and an ivory seal given to him by his best friend and future biographer, John Forster. The Best of Dickens's Life and Times
  • Here is some fine Nanowrimo manuscript-padding advice in convenient and easy-to-digest Tweet form (a part of us just died as we wrote that) from Famous Writers, courtesy of the very erudite staff of Inkwell Bookstore Their blog is mad fab also. Motivate is Spelled B-L-O-V-I-A-T-E
  • The Crimean War yielded inkwells made from Russian cannonballs, and the mainly naval Spanish-American war of 1898 produced souvenirs made from submarine cable cut while under fire, and artillery shells made into cigar cutters.
  • In movies like Shakespeare in Love people are scribbling away using a feather, stopping every so often to dip it into an inkwell.
  • The museum has the inkwell Abraham Lincoln used to write the Emancipation Proclamation. Smithsonian dispatches curator to collect from Wisconsin debates
  • Girls with long plaits sometimes had the ends dunked in the inkwells of the desks behind!
  • A candle sat on the left corner of the desk, next to which sat a quill pen, a blotter, an inkwell, and various other writing necessities.
  • He stood his quill pen in a rack on the desk, beside an inkwell.
  • It pokes fun at the postal service by showing a group of post office ‘scribes’ with pens in their hands seated around an enormous inkwell.
  • She pointed to one of the glass cabinets, where an inkwell was, indeed, on display.
  • Set of clear crystal inkwell with quill, book, diploma and graduation cap; rhodium - plated details.
  • Shelley may have sharpened his quills, topped off the inkwell.
  • Both pen and inkwell were an unspoken commentary on Lirael's now long-established habit of speaking as little as possible. LIRAEL: DAUGHTER OF THE CLAYR
  • And sure enough, when I push the stopper on the "inkwell" the glass tank turns red, and the doomed creatures become extinguished. “uncharted pages from a voyage of the beagle”
  • While in Europe in the 1780s, he became enamored of pasta — so much so that he stuck a feather in his inkwell, sketched out a design, and called it a “maccaroni” - making machine. All the Presidents’ Doodles
  • Each desk had an inkwell and the children wrote by dipping their pens into the ink.
  • A German Officer's pocket inkwell Joy had found just by putting her hand under the cider press. WHITE LIES
  • A sealed inkwell sat beside a small wooden box, just large enough to hold a few quills.
  • A business-like quill stands in an inkwell built into an ingenious drawer of her slender rosewood desk.
  • They have all sorts of interesting stories to tell about bygone days: airplane travel that required you to wear a parachute, ration points to buy food during WWII, inkwells and pigtails, Skelly and boxball, communism, nuclear, and Smallpox scares, pre-'70s sexism and anti-semitism during job interviews, punch cards and tape computing - my father began teaching computers in 1963! The Last Unrecorded Generation
  • There are books on the nightstand and on the bench; there is an open leatherbound journal on the desk, and a row of inkwells in black, cognac-brown, blue, and a glass dip pen. Thor's Day

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