inertial frame

  1. a coordinate system in which Newton's first law of motion is valid
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How To Use inertial frame In A Sentence

  • Suppose we have two observers A and B in different inertial frames, that is each is travelling at a constant velocity not acted on by any forces.
  • It is not restricted to inertial frames, and it encompasses a broader range of phenomena, namely gravity and accelerated motions.
  • However, while synchronizing distant clocks is a problem, they nonetheless run at the same intrinsic rates as each other when held in the same inertial frame.
  • Such apparent forces were known as fictitious forces because they did not arise from a physical source such as a charge, and could be eliminated if one looked at the situation from a different reference frame, one in uniform motion called an inertial frame. Euclid’s Window
  • Mach had stated a principle that local inertial frames of reference were determined by the large scale distribution of mass in the universe.
  • Special relativity only applied to objects travelling at constant speed, that is, to inertial frames of reference.
  • Photons, according to the special theory of relativity, move in vacuum with the same speed in all inertial frames of reference.
  • Simple laws apply to constant motion in a straight line (an inertial frame of reference).
  • The rest-mass of a body is the inertial mass of that body when it is at rest relative to an inertial frame.
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