[ US /ˌɪndɪˈfaɪnəbəɫ/ ]
[ UK /ɪndɪfˈa‍ɪnəbə‍l/ ]
  1. defying expression or description
    indescribable beauty
    ineffable ecstasy
    a thing of untellable splendor
    inexpressible anguish
    indefinable yearnings
    unutterable contempt
    unspeakable happiness
  2. not capable of being precisely or readily described; not easily put into words
    an abstract concept that seems indefinable
    an indefinable feeling of terror
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How To Use indefinable In A Sentence

  • Incapable of finding any satisfaction in mercenary intrigues, they succumb to an indefinable sort of languor, which is called home-sickness, though, in reality, love with them is indissolubly associated with their native village, with its steeple and vesper bells, and with the familiar scenes of home. Recollections of My Youth
  • It is something talismanic, totemic, intangible, all-consuming, corrosive, compulsive, elusive, indefinable.
  • indefinable yearnings
  • an indefinable feeling of terror
  • Hawthorne, again, another great master, feeling instinctively the poverty and want of sharp contrast in the externals of our New England life, always shades off the edges of the actual, till, at some indefinable line, they meet and mingle with the supersensual and imaginative. The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 05, No. 28, February, 1860
  • She was altered, he thought, in some indefinable way - thinner, edgier, more tense. THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: THE SANGREAL TRILOGY ONE
  • In coming here, he was actually following psychic instinct, an indefinable but insinuating impulse to visit the court of Voronov-Vaux.
  • She has an indefinable screen presence that makes even her poorest scenes tolerable.
  • Battles are decisive now not so much by the destruction of armies as by the defeat of public spirit, and a something that has actually happened may be a less important fact, either in conjecturing probabilities or determining policy, than the indefinable progress of change, not marked on any dial, but instinctively divined, that is taking place in the general thought. The Writings of James Russell Lowell in Prose and Poetry, Volume V Political Essays
  • She was charming, with the indefinable magnetism certain older cultivated European women possess whether or not they were beauties in their youth.
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