[ UK /ɪnˈænɪmət/ ]
[ US /ˌɪˈnænəmət/ ]
  1. not endowed with life
    the inorganic world is inanimate
    inanimate objects
  2. belonging to the class of nouns denoting nonliving things
    the word `car' is inanimate
  3. appearing dead; not breathing or having no perceptible pulse
    pulseless and dead
    an inanimate body
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How To Use inanimate In A Sentence

  • The word ‘article’ means something inanimate which is not and never has been alive.
  • Remember, your PJs can be a fomite an inanimate object that will transmit disease. Margie Goldsmith: When Traveling, B Is for "Bedbug," not "Baggage"
  • It's still very much inanimate objects and a television screen and jolly old books and things like that.
  • Shooting far, really far, in the mountains at inanimate targets with safe backstops is challenging and downright fascinating, even to the most practiced rifleman.
  • It's strange how inanimate objects can resonate with different emotions depending on the situation in which they are viewed.
  • For his opening move — in which "Oh" would have been a feasible if less canonic alternative (fully licensed by the dictionary) — is a line that negotiates in process between the vocal base line of expressive oralilty, on the near hand, and, at expression's farthest reach, the vocative asymptote of natural communion with inanimate energy. Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian
  • The dolls are inanimate objects given life and the creation of more of them lets the artists give flesh to the worries of the audience.
  • God, that raised inanimated dust and clay into a living creature by Leviathan
  • This is clear evidence that viruses are unlike any known living thing and are much more like inanimate than animate matter.
  • It's weird how attached you can get to an inanimate collection of metal and plastic, isn't it?
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