1. beg persistently and urgently
    I importune you to help them
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How To Use importune In A Sentence

  • Refusing all means of escape to which his friends continually and importunely urged him, he took the poisoned cup from the hands of the boy who brought it to him in his prison-chamber, drank it off calmly amid the tears and sobs of surrounding friends, walked about till the draught had begun to take effect upon his system, and then laid himself down upon his bed, and soon breathed his last. Museum of Antiquity A Description of Ancient Life
  • He loves to be pressingly importuned, which is not the manner of men. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)
  • When, one by one, all of his women patients stopped doing the work of free association that they had at first enthusiastically taken up and began shyly and then importunely to declare their love for him, he shrewdly surmised that it was not 'the charms of my person' that were the cause of the disturbance but, rather, that the women were in a state of readiness to fall in love, and he was simply Bottom to their Titania. The Patient Is Always Right
  • As a tourist, you are importuned for money the moment you step outside your hotel.
  • Then, relating the criminal conduct of Hamlet's uncle and his mother, the ghost importunes Hamlet to revenge it.
  • The simple Salvages seeing our Captaine hurt, and an other bloudy by breaking his shinne, our numbers of bowes, arrowes, swords, mantles, and furrs, would needes imagine we had beene at warres (the truth of these accidents would not satisfie them) but impatiently importuned vs to know with whom. The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: With the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from Their First Beginning, Ano: 1584. To This Present 1624. With the Procedings of Those Severall Colonies and the Accidents
  • This is the bargain basement of therapy, and you can't walk two blocks in that part of Manhattan without being importuned by placards promising their version of inner peace.
  • To the sellers in the market, to the barmen and barmaids, to the beggars who importuned him for a lob Mr Dedalus told the same tale -- that he was an old Corkonian, that he had been trying for thirty years to get rid of his Cork accent up in Dublin and that Peter Pickackafax beside him was his eldest son but that he was only a Dublin jackeen. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  • I understand that well-meaning people are sometimes importuned to write such letters on behalf of those who aren't in a position to respond themselves.
  • As a tourist, you are importuned for money the moment you step outside your hotel.
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