[ UK /ɪmplˈɔːzəbli/ ]
[ US /ˌɪmˈpɫɔzəbɫi/ ]
  1. not easy to believe
    incredibly, she survived the crash
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How To Use implausibly In A Sentence

  • You might think that a weta is a special effects company, but in fact it's an implausibly large, shiny, scary-looking insect, whose natural habitats do not usually include my kitchen appliances.
  • I actually have more of a problem with the plotting in The Da Vinci Code than anything else (characters are so implausibly motivated I think I laughed out loud at their actions more than once) but Browne’s actual word-smithery is just as noxious. The telegraph tells it how it is « paper fruit
  • Finally, insofar as President Bush has exercised his powers to engage in surreptitious electronic surveillance without court-issued warrants in violation of the FISA, on the basis of an implausibly broad construction of his inherent Article II powers and a reading of the AUMF that was rightly repudiated in a slightly different context by the Supreme Court's recent Hamdan decision, the "fix" reportedly negotiated between The White House and Senator Arlen Specter, in which the legality of the NSA program of warrantless surveillance would be submitted for adjudication on the basis of a one-sided presentation to the FISA court by the Executive Branch -- which alone would be authorized to control the evidence to be considered, the forum for its consideration, whether the proceedings would be public or secret, and whether the result would be published or kept under wraps, and which alone would be authorized to appeal an adverse ruling to an Article III court including the Supreme Court -- is as transparently phony and futile as is the suggestion of a congressionally enacted vehicle to confer standing on someone to obtain a judicial ruling on the legality of this President's signing statements. Balkinization
  • To see who is doing what at the end of which implausibly narrow lane. Times, Sunday Times
  • To see who is doing what at the end of which implausibly narrow lane. Times, Sunday Times
  • Your claim that they are 'intrinsically functionless' is implausibly strong, given that functionality is always ... er, a function of contexts, which is to say, out and out extrinsic), and the radical transformation of contexts is the very thing at issue. More Aesthetics
  • It being the first tour of the day, the group is small -- two shortish, stoutish men with implausibly dark hair and Eurasian mustaches. The Fruits of Clear Creek Distillery's Labor
  • But images of Irvine impossibly and implausibly running the ball from deep and kicking unlikely goals from halfway will remain in the memory.
  • The giraffe gazed downwards at us with a stupidly benign expression on its face and slowly stalked away, balanced on its implausibly spindly legs.
  • If this kind of thing is your cup of tea, you'll be pleased to know (via the same link) that Aurum Press is to publish a book celebrating 30 years of The Bookseller's Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year, asmall-format hardback gift book, How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books, out in September. Legs, pygmy love queen and cheese
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