How To Use Impacted tooth In A Sentence

  • An impacted tooth is at higher risk of cavities because they are often difficult to clean properly.
  • an impacted tooth
  • An impacted tooth must be removed as soon as the first symptoms are diagnosed rather than wait till it causes decay in the next tooth.
  • The X-ray photographs of 400 cases of mandbular impacted third molar were observed and the impacted molar types and relations between impacted types and complications of impacted tooth were analysed.
  • C: \Users\Philip\Pictures\2009-07-30\toot … this is a little hard to see but I drew what my impacted tooth looks like (hitting the tooth in front of it) on an angle/not too far down/in my mouth you cant see the wisdom tooth at all and it looks as if the last tooth in my mouth is up against my jawbone so Im petrified. what kind of impaction is this? how long will it take to remove? Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

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