How To Use Immunogen In A Sentence

  • It is postulated that the type of protein in the diet influences directly the intrinsic capacity of the B lymphocytes to respond to an immunogenic stimulus.
  • The aim of the present study was to define the possible use of an adjuvant that could be used without conjugation, both by parenteral and mucosal immunization, to increase the immunogenicity of M protein.
  • Our results suggest that on UV irradiation, arginine can induce certain conformational alterations in DNA rendering it immunogenic.
  • Objective:To investigate the expression and immunogenicity of E2 gene DNA of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus.
  • Objective:To investigate the expression and immunogenicity of E2 gene DNA of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus.
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  • His training and principal area of research has been in quantitative genetics, but by about 1960 his interests shifted to immunogenetics and more recently to molecular genetics. Chapter 11
  • At this time he started the immunogenetics research that led to his Nobel prize. The Guardian World News
  • Cookson W (2004) The immunogenetics of asthma and eczema: a new focus on the epithelium. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • This approach is valuable for rapidly screening antibody specificities and assessing protein orientation needed for optimal presentation of immunogenic determinants.
  • Immunogenicity does not necessarily imply opsonising antibody production.
  • The disease may no longer be common, so the production of antibodies or immunogenicity, rather than protection from disease (clinical efficacy), has to be assessed.
  • Many components of ESA have potent immunogenicity, and induce protective cell - mediated and humoral immune responses.
  • Biotechnological advances resulted in a new antivenin that proports to be less immunogenic than the standard antivenin. Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine)
  • It is likely that low-molecular-weight agents act as haptens, combining with human proteins in the respiratory tract to become complete immunogens.
  • The trial included an open-label immunogenicity and tolerability subset in which participants were randomized to receive one of three lots of 4CMenB vaccine with routine infant vaccines, or routine vaccines alone. WebWire | Recent Headlines
  • Most of these proteins which contain peptide repeats are also immunogenic and the host produces significant amount of antibodies against these.
  • The analysis of the H-2 system by Snell became a monumental masterpiece in mammalian genetics that has laid the foundations of a new science: transplantation immunology and immunogenetics. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1980 - Presentation Speech
  • Conjugated vaccines result in improved immunogenicity over polysaccharide vaccines.
  • “meaning” of immunogenicity, that is reactivity, must be sought within some larger framework. The Impulse of Breathing
  • The transplantation immunologist Professor Leslie Brent said: "He was undoubtedly one of the important figures in the field of immunogenetics, and a great intellect. The Guardian World News
  • With high herd immunity, colonisation and transmission of disease should decrease, benefiting the unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, and those in whom the vaccine is not immunogenic.
  • Since that time, he has retained a constant interest in the immunogenetics of blood cells. Jean Dausset - Biography
  • The immunogenicity of PA was tested by inoculating the protein into rabbits along with adjuvant.
  • Conclusion Testis transplantation with fetal testis as donor is an effective method to cure male hypogonadism and has great value of clinical application for its weak immunogenicity.
  • We did file slightly later, about a month later than Momenta on the response the immunogenicity, which is very likely why we haven't received our notification yet. Home Page
  • Additionally, we analyze a dataset in HIV immunogenetics to demonstrate the results of the two strategies on real data. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • These adverse events often included anaphylactoid reactions (23 percent) and serum sickness (50 percent) .1 Although most adverse events did not result in mortality when treated with appropriate medication, such complications are problematic and fueled the development of a less immunogenic antivenin. Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine)
  • The conjugation of polysaccharides with immunogenic proteins allows to overcome this problem providing an efficient immunological response also in infants.
  • Allelic exclusion --- In immunogenetics, the observation that only one of the pair of parental alleles for each H chain and L chain of an immunoglobulin molecule is expressed within a single cell.
  • Attempts are made both to increase the recognizability of the tumor cells for the immunological system (that is, their immunogenicity) as well as to strengthen and stimulate the various parts of the immunological system. Netvouz - new bookmarks
  • Allelic exclusion --- In immunogenetics, the observation that only one of the pair of parental alleles for each H chain and L chain of an immunoglobulin molecule is expressed within a single cell.
  • The next decade saw several additional recruitments: Thomas Mandel initiated electron microscopy and, later, transplantation biology; Noel Warner established a strong base in immunogenetics; Ken Shortman succeeded Gordon Ada and established a new tradition in cell separation; Jerry Adams and Suzanne Cory introduced molecular biology, initially to investigate antibody production and later to study the origins of cancer; Graham Mitchell initiated a vigorous program in immunoparasitology, focussed on schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis and malaria. The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • Researchers have also developed ways to make higher-affinity antibodies that are smaller, less immunogenic, and more stable. The Scientist
  • MHC genes are extensively investigated as candidate genes for disease resistance in many domestic animal species, which is a hot topic in molecule immunogenetics.
  • Even more broadly, the skin inoculation concept has been shown to lead to high immunogenicity in other systems; for example, it was shown a couple of years ago that yellow fever vaccine is more immunogenic when delivered intradermally than when given by its conventional subcutaneous route: Research Blogging - All Topics - English
  • Such a laboratory offered very attractive facilities and precious inbred guinea pig strains essential to my work in immunogenetics. Baruj Benacerraf - Autobiography
  • Objective : To construct inhibin expression vector with high immunogenicity.
  • In practical terms, whether or not a melanoma is immunogenic depends on heredity. Vaccinating Against Cancer
  • Objective : To construct attenuated Salmonella delivering mouse hepatitis virus DNA vaccine and to study its immunogenicity.
  • Bettahi I, Nesburn AB, Yoon S, Zhang X, Mohebbi A, et al. (2007) Protective immunity against ocular herpes infection and disease induced by highly immunogenic self-adjuvanting glycoprotein D lipopeptide vaccines. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Such an immunogen could be evaluated as a candidate for a vaccine. Times, Sunday Times
  • This pivotal Phase IIb open-label immunogenicity study1 randomized 1,885 infants to receive Bexsero at 2, 4, 6 months together with routine infant vaccines; at 2, 4, 6 months with routine vaccines given separately at 3, 5, 7 months; or at 2, 3, 4 months together with routine infant vaccines. Reuters: Press Release
  • Though viral vectors are highly efficient for this purpose, numerous efforts are done to develop synthetic vectors because they are less immunogenic and pathogenic.
  • Objective To study the influence of length of polysaccharide(PS)fragment on the immunogenicity of Streptococcus pneumoniae type 18C polysaccharide(Pn18C)-tetanus toxoid(TT)conjugate.
  • Morphological structure , biological characteristic, gene cluster structure and immunogenicity of avian ? Escherichia coli? was reviewed.
  • The OMP protein is a useful immunogen for preparing vaccine.
  • Paraformaldehyde, unlike glutaraldehyde, preserves the immunogenicity of the cell surface proteins and virus proteins.
  • Immunoproteomics, a powerful tool for studying antigens at the proteomic level, allowed a comparative investigation of the immunogenicity of capsulate and non-capsulate strains of L. garvieae for vaccine development.
  • Objective : To construct attenuated Salmonella delivering mouse hepatitis virus DNA vaccine and to study its immunogenicity.
  • The three vaccine immunogenicity and side - effects or less the same.
  • The native double stranded DNA molecule is known to be a poor immunogen whose immunogenic form has not yet been identified.
  • Consequently, false negative results due to a low abundance of immunogen are minimized. The Scientist
  • In this study, the immunogenetic profiles of two fish populations that differ dramatically in exposure to environmental toxicants and parasite loads are compared.
  • To test whether pharmacological treatment of melanoma cells with IFN-γ and GGTI-298 could produce suitable cells for vaccination a murine model was used: B16F10 cell line, a poorly immunogenic and MHC-I negative melanoma of spontaneous origin, was injected in the syngeneic C57Bl/6 mice. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Sato A, Nikolaidis N (2007) MHC, TSP, and the origin of species: from immunogenetics to evolutionary genetics. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • We investigated the immunogenicity and safety during 3 successive years of different dosages of a trivalent, inactivated, split-virion vaccine against seasonal influenza given intradermally using a microinjection system compared with an intramuscular control vaccine. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • Immunogenicity testing will start soon. Times, Sunday Times
  • Slide 22: Gemcitabine + Gastrin Vaccine (G17DT)   Future  Immunogenic telomerase peptides (TeloVac)  Hopkins: Lethally irradiated allogenic pancreatic tumor cells transfected with GM-CSF gene  Listeria carrying mesothelin peptide Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Biopharmaceutical company Novavax jumped 25 cents, or 11%, to 2.59 after the first stage of a trial studying the Rockville, Md., company's pandemic influenza vaccine showed that safety and immunogenicity, or the ability to invoke an immune response, were consistent among the entire 1,000-person study population. Robbins Drops 6.6%, and MedCath Slides
  • The authors have put forward a concept of identifying specific protein subunits which are immunogenic and using them as diagnostic markers.
  • A fibrin clot may also be used to hold the substantially non-immunogenic articular cartilage heterograft in place.
  • Objective To evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of Inflexal Berna Subunit influenza virus vaccine.

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