How To Use Immodesty In A Sentence

  • But this upsurge in immodesty applies to child rearing as well. Letters to the Editor
  • Wry jokes are whispered; remarks are made about the wigs (called sheitels) that the married Orthodox women wear to avoid the ‘immodesty’ of displaying their real hair.
  • The stories about 'amma', 'names of Indian business', 'Indian laws against immodesty', 'hindu religion and priests' were characterised in a such a way by cenk which made Indian / hindu culture look ridiculous and cruel. The Young Turks
  • If we’re immodest in our dress, we may cause the world to believe that their immodesty is permissible in God’s eyes, thus “approving of” their own immodesty. SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1027
  • Speaking to his new hires, Hastings lets slip a rare glimpse of immodesty.
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  • Except the fifth elegy, which is tainted with immodesty, the others, particularly the first, are highly beautiful, and may be placed in competition with any other productions of the elegiac kind. The Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Volume 02: Augustus
  • Unhappy with her 'immodesty', a fellow beachgoer called a cop, who arrested her for indecent exposure.
  • Adriana asked, bracing herself for more of his charmingly unrestrained immodesty.
  • ‘Paul has already made them see the unfitness of the unveiled head for woman, its immodesty and unwomanliness, and now, with that impression on their minds, he asks if it is proper to pray to God in such unseemly fashion’.
  • (Applause) Without boasting, without any kind of immodesty, that is how we Cuban revolutionaries understand our internationalist duty. TRICONTINENTAL CONFERENCE
  • Maybe the immodesty is proof that global warming exists. Alfred Augustus Glendening 1861-1903
  • I know that immodesty is a militant movement, because people like the author, ministers and even yourself, have been attacked for teaching against it. Hawaiian Dresses
  • My speech was scheduled immediately after the fab and very sexy Immodesty Blaize - a brilliant burlesque striptease artiste and extremely hard act to follow.
  • In the tenth century," according to Dufour (_Histoire de la Prostitution_, vol. VI., p. 11), "shoes _a la poulaine_, with a claw or beak, pursued for more than four centuries by the anathemas of popes and the invectives of preachers, were always regarded by mediæval casuists as the most abominable emblems of immodesty. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 5 Erotic Symbolism; The Mechanism of Detumescence; The Psychic State in Pregnancy
  • We should be worrying about middle age women these days as much as girls, because the immodesty is starting with the older women. Protecting Our Daughters
  • In order to prevent I spend over 100 dollars reason of handsome head immodesty drive fire point.
  • The result of his immodesty has been a persistent hunger for offices that most people thought beyond his abilities. PrairiePundit

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