1. without moderation; in an immoderate manner
    he eats immoderately
  2. to a degree that exceeds the bounds or reason or moderation
    his prices are unreasonably high
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How To Use immoderately In A Sentence

  • From the tender age of twelve, my mother had been unable to start her day without the aid of at least two cups of immoderately strong, tar-black, unsweetened coffee, a taste for which she had picked up from the tugboat captains and zooty bachelors who filled the boardinghouse where she had grown up. Middlesex
  • Odysseus through his continency and the ‘promptings66 of Hermes’ abstained from touching them immoderately, and by the same token did not turn into Memorabilia
  • We laughed so immoderately that he had to dismiss us for that evening.
  • Playing bumble-puppy with Minnie Beebe, niece to the rector, and aged thirteen -- an ancient and most honourable game, which consists in striking tennis-balls high into the air, so that they fall over the net and immoderately bounce; some hit Mrs. Honeychurch; others are lost. A Room with a View
  • Mankind's behaviors of immoderately use the environment and resources suffered from the retaliation of environment, and then begin to study the sustainable development problem.
  • The one complaint possible against Isadora Duncan is that she has rendered us immoderately dissatisfied with what had once moderately contented us; and the fear is that we shall promptly have a host of half-baked imitators, who will copy the mere accidentals of her system without understanding the essentials, and will fancy that the whole matter is one of clothes and music, and prance about bare-legged, meaninglessly. Our Stage and Its Critics By "E.F.S." of "The Westminster Gazette"
  • When she talked, she spoke in husky tones and larded her remarks with double-entendres, and when I talked, she hung on my words and laughed immoderately at the faintest suggestion of wit in my remarks.
  • All the O'Haras are good on horseback '– at which he laughed immoderately and told her that when she had seen one, Zack Duppo, on a buckjumper, she would not be keen to try that game. Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land
  • They are immoderately fond of dancing, and indeed it is almost the only amusement they partake of: but even in this they discover great want of taste and elegance, and seldom appear with that gracefulness and ease, which these movements are so calculated to display. A Renegade History of the United States
  • Though he admired drunks immoderately, he was seldom seen drunk in what was already a heavy - drinking milieu.
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