1. used especially of leaves or bracts; overlapping or layered as scales or shingles
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How To Use imbricated In A Sentence

  • Now, we know that when reptiles have imbricated scales, we do find dermal muscles.
  • As it flows it takes the forms of sappy leaves or vines, making heaps of pulpy sprays a foot or more in depth, and resembling, as you look down on them, the laciniated, lobed, and imbricated thalluses of some lichens; or you are reminded of coral, of leopard's paws or birds' feet, of brains or lungs or bowels, and excrements of all kinds. »2004» Maj
  • On the other hand, the Kudi gneisses are imbricated with an ophiolitic slice south to Kudi, and overthrust by the Buziwan ultrabasic rocks.
  • The Kuangshanliang and Tianjingshan present a duplex which comprises of a shallow fault-bend fold of late Triassic and a deep blind stacking anticline imbricated by several thrust sheets of Cenozoic.
  • A, a medullated nerve fiber, showing the subdivision of the medullary sheath into cylindrical sections imbricated with their ends, a nerve corpuscle with an oval nucleus is seen between the neurilemma and the medullary sheath; A Practical Physiology
  • At 12 of the sites that have imbricated cobbles, clast orientations were measured to derive the palaeocurrent direction.
  • Calyx with 5 erect segments, imbricated, caducous. The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines
  • And for all the dazzle of modernity the simple, stolid book is still the best way to tell an elaborate, imbricated, enchanted tale. Rabbi David Wolpe: The Sacred Word
  • = -- April to May, a week or two earlier than the red spruce; sterile flowers terminal or axillary, on wood of the preceding year; about 3/8 inch long, ovate; anthers madder-red: fertile flowers at or near end of season's shoots, erect; scales madder-red, spirally imbricated, broader than long, margin erose, rarely entire. Handbook of the Trees of New England
  • The caps are usually clustered and imbricated, that is, they overlap. Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.
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