How To Use Illyrian In A Sentence

  • His diplomacy won over only the Illyrian king Genthius, whose support proved of little moment.
  • The sagacious Romans saw that in order to control the line of the Danube and the east coast of Italy it was necessary to absorb the triangular shaped country of the Illyrians.
  • Before the fire sit Crescimir and Jovita singing the little Christmas carrol of the Illyrian children. A Napa Christchild; and Benicia's Letters
  • Surrounding the stalagmite was a large number of artifacts, including sherds of high-quality Hellenistic Greek and Illyrian pottery. Phallic Cult
  • But then like the Illyrian merchant who sees the Adriatic's silken skin wrinkle at the first touch of the bora, I suddenly feel uneasy. CASCADES - THE DAY OF THE DEAD
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  • The first known inhabitants were the Illyrians, followed by the Celts in the fourth century, and the Romans a century after that.
  • Germany was divided by the Rhine from the Gallic, and on the south, by the Danube, from the Illyrian, provinces of the empire. The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Then we ran down the Illyrian coast and, with oars at full speed, sail bellying with a powerful southwester, rounded the Italian peninsula with a strong wind for Sicilia and the Tyrrhenian Sea, where we ran into a small flotilla of black-sailed ships expectantly lying in wait for us. The Skrayling Tree
  • There is little evidence to prove or disprove this theory, since little is known about the Illyrian language.
  • The nadir came when his brother, Perdiccas III, died in battle against Illyrian invaders, who occupied the north-western borderlands.
  • Those Illyrians who did not assimilate probably moved to the less hospitable mountainous areas, but little is known of their fate.

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