1. of or relating to an icosahedron
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How To Use icosahedral In A Sentence

  • In order to simulate a calcium ion located on a symmetry axis under icosahedral boundary conditions, it was necessary to develop a single-atom model that conforms to the symmetry requirements.
  • They consider 4 different dynamic cores, including finite volume, spectral, semi-lagrangian, and icosahedral finite difference. YTD Hurricane Activity « Climate Audit
  • To detect the sequence determinants of the capacity to form icosahedral quaternary assemblies, we performed a comparative analysis of icosahedral and non-icosahedral lumazine synthases.
  • You may note that the spheres sit more or less on the vertices of an icosahedron, which is why this configuration is called the icosahedral arrangement.
  • The alloy forms metastable icosahedral quasicrystals, but Kelton was focusing instead on the alloy's stable crystalline phase, a complex polytetrahedral arrangement called C14 Laves.
  • Polioviruses are non-enveloped, icosahedral RNA viruses which infect susceptible cells to result in a cytopathic effect, production of progeny virus and finally cellular death.
  • Bucky Fuller did an icosahedral projection map that is somewhat famous. Waldo in Siberia « Climate Audit
  • For the four volume restricted to the 24-cell the bounding space is then given by the quotient space SO (3)/I, where I is the binary icosahedral group given by the cyclotomic field on F_9. The Lopsided Universe
  • The vertical ionization potentials of Al { sub 3 } X is larger than that of Al { sub 13 } in the decahedral structure while the opposite is the case with the icosahedral isomer.
  • Until the recent advances in computational power, simulating the protein coat of an entire icosahedral virus would have been futile.
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