How To Use Ice floe In A Sentence

  • The environment in the Antarctic is magnificent with glaciers, icebergs and ice floes on a scale which is awe-inspiring.
  • Maybe their new reporter/commentator, The Killer from Wasilla, could go camp out on an Arctic ice floe and report back to us on how the floe is doin’ sizewize .. Think Progress » Fox Thinks Winter Chill Disproves Global Warming; Experts Disagree
  • The ice floes from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence that swept through the Strait of Canso every year were now blocked on their southward journey, and so they stayed to fill Saint George's Bay on the Causeway's north side.
  • Unfortunately, the ice cracked, leaving Winston alone on his own ice floe, while Wilfred barked on the safe side, trying to encourage him to jump over the rapidly widening crack.
  • While a few savvy anglers carry flares, stoves, and tents, the majority are ill-prepared for hours or days stuck on a drifting ice floe.
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  • They are stuck instead for a sunless winter on an ice floe.
  • But I've latterly perked up at a resurgence of his zingier side, alerted by a fellow aficionado to a recent Fashion Diary from Paris, in which he likens Ingrid Sischy, self-described as "triste" and yapping haplessly for Karl Lagerfeld after the Chanel show, to a baby seal stranded on an ice floe. role as a one man Walk of the Town, feeling for the worn seams of the city's public facades that betray its private dilemmas. Emdashes
  • The two month hunt will occur at the birthplace of the seals on ice floes off the Atlantic coast.
  • Two penguins are standing on ice floe.
  • With huge 200,000-strong colonies of little auk thronging the cliffs and shores, kittiwakes next to the cobalt blue glaciers, walrus wallowing in the shallows, Arctic foxes, whales and, of course, one of the ultimate wildlife sightings, the mighty polar bear, frequently seen hunting in its frosty backyard on ice floes. Paul Steele: Photographic Dreams Of The Wild Do Come True
  • En route to the South Pole, the ship was grounded in an ice floe.
  • said Richard, awkwardly leaping from ice floe to ice floe in the stream of the old man's consciousness. NEVERWHERE
  • It is so big it has blocked wind and water currents that break up ice floes in McMurdo Sound during the Antarctic summer.
  • This autumn he will be setting off on an historic visit to the Antarctic, spending 50 days on board a ship anchored to a drifting ice floe in the Weddell Sea.
  • In January 2006 while visiting Antarctica, we witnessed a most unusual method for orca to dislodge a crabeater seal from an ice floe — they made large waves to wash the seal off the relative safety of the ice. Orca Attack Wave « Isegoria
  • He thought of Shackleton who, when forced to lighten his load on the ice floes, would not jettison his banjo.
  • I saw walruses and heard their grunts as they lumbered slowly off their ice floes.
  • Sea ice is frozen salt water, and when natural forces break it into pieces, the larger ones are called not icebergs but ice floes.
  • Many of these ice floes are the result of the berg calving which is taking place in the chest cavity. Impossible Places
  • Every spring for over 100 years, Newfoundland men had gone sealing, aware of the dangers from ice floes and storms.
  • I still support marooning Broder on an ice floe and pushing him out to sea. Matthew Yglesias » Credit Where Due
  • Next, send them out on to the ice floes of the frozen Baltic and get them to shout - in choral unison - at a stranded 10,000-ton ice breaking vessel, and you have got something called Mieskuoro Huutaja (Men's Choir Shouters) ... a new art form, and it is taking parts of the world by arctic storm. Boing Boing: February 1, 2004 - February 7, 2004 Archives
  • Spot leopard seals on ice floes, and vast rookeries of penguins and the odd albatross. Times, Sunday Times
  • The book features lots of colour photos and mostly Inuit writers' tips on everything from dogsledding and walrus watching to luxury cruises and the dangers of ice floes.

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