1. a measure of a person's intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test; the ratio of a person's mental age to their chronological age (multiplied by 100)
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How To Use I.Q. In A Sentence

  • Some of these people, the ones I work with, must have I.Q. scores that are a standard deviation off the mark or something. * not that I place much faith on I.Q. scores* but I mean I've been teaching teacher's how to teach science, for the better part of 2 years, and I see no progress, I'm such a crutch. madrigle Diary Entry
  • YOU ARE NOT FUCKING YOURSELF CORRECTLY. the dribble is running down your mouth. you must have a leaking piss ant brain. you better see a plumber fast, and stop all the SHIT that is coming out. oh well, i guess that's what happens when your I.Q. IS FRACTIONAL. Peter Sumaruck II
  • Categorized as "educable," John does not have Down syndrome but more resembles Lennie from "Of Mice and Men" - a giant of a guy with a sweet nature, a thick shock of white hair, beautiful skin that never endured the ravages of alcohol and cigarettes, a low I.Q. and epilepsy. NYT > Home Page
  • When changing the oil in two inboard engines and a generator requires a human being with the arms of an orangutan and the I.Q. of a genius, something is wrong.
  • In brief I think it likely that more than half the difference between the average I.Q. of American whites and Negroes is due to genetic reasons, and will not be eliminated by any foreseeable change in the environment. VDARE.com: Blog Articles » Print » Francis Crick On Science And IQ
  • People who boast about their I.Q. are losers. Stephen Hawking 
  • And the very definition of "gifted" is scoring in the top two percent on a standardized I.Q. test. What to Buy Wednesday – Books
  • We now have 23 studies from four different countries -- Mexico, Iran, India and China -- which indicate that moderate exposure to fluoride is lowering I.Q. in children," Connett says. Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Health Hazards of Water Fluoridation (VIDEO)
  • The difference between a person with normal intelligence and a person with I.Q. impairment is that a normal person is capable of learning. Arizona lawmakers still pushing 'birther' measure
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