1. any of the threadlike filaments forming the mycelium of a fungus
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How To Use hypha In A Sentence

  • In the invading metaphase , the hyphae of the pathogen can invade the cortical area of cells of susceptible varieties, but only can invade the outer cortex cells of resistant descendants.
  • Hypha cell is long type like bamboo segment .
  • Conditions that promote hyphal growth in the laboratory include growth at elevated temperature in medium containing special components.
  • In addition, many fungi are able to parasitize spores, sclerotia, or hyphae of other fungi, resulting in biocontrol.
  • As usual in crustose forms, the thalli are composed of hyphae which are densely disposed toward the upper, exposed surface and more loosely disposed toward the lower surface (Fig. 2). Ohio Biological Survey, Bull. 10, Vol. 11, No. 6 The Ascomycetes of Ohio IV and V
  • A portion of a section through an apothecium of _Peltigera canina_, showing part of the hymenium of interwoven hyphae below and the bases of three paraphyses above. Ohio Biological Survey, Bull. 10, Vol. 11, No. 6 The Ascomycetes of Ohio IV and V
  • Invasive and pseudohyphal growth is characterized by directional unipolar budding and by cells that remain attached to each other after budding.
  • Candida species are polymorphic and can form colonies containing budding yeasts, pseudohyphae, and true hyphae.
  • The development is initiated as a hyphal knot of 0.2 mm or less in diameter, which rapidly develops into a tiny primordium containing the rudimentary tissues of the future pileus and stipe.
  • Hyphal fusion is presumably a way to increase cytoplasmic flow and interconnectedness of hypha.
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