[ UK /hˈa‍ɪdɹəksˌɪl/ ]
  1. the monovalent group -OH in such compounds as bases and some acids and alcohols
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How To Use hydroxyl In A Sentence

  • (, increases the rate of NADP oxidation by 4-hydroxy - benzoate, no hydroxylation during subsequent reoxidation by O2 [2]) [2] Turnover number (min±1) 21.6 Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • Cyclohexanone monooxygenase 1 Nomenclature EC number Systematic name cyclohexanone: NADPH: oxygen oxidoreductase (6-hydroxylating, 1,2-lacto - nizing) Recommended name cyclohexanone monooxygenase Synonyms CHMO Recently Uploaded Slideshows
  • In the atmosphere the hydroxyl radicals oxidise nitrates to form ozone.
  • Chitosan is one of the most abundant natural polymers, This biopolymer has useful functional groups such as hydroxyl and amine, so it can interact with metal ions.
  • Qian JJ, Duncan BW, Adzick NS, Bhatnagar RS: Regulation of prolyl hydroxylase by ascorbic acid is mediated by polyADP-ribose synthesis. CHOP scarless fetal wound healing publications
  • Listed are several of these oxidizing reactions. alcohol dehydrogenation aldehyde dehydrogenation alkyl/acyclic hydroxylation aromatic hydroxylation deamination desulfuration Biotransformation
  • Objective To establish a method with high efficiency in detecting phenylalanine hydroxylase(PAH) gene mutations and hence to rapidly diagnose prenatal fetals with phenylketonuria .
  • The spacing between the protruding oxygen atoms is comparable to the spacing between certain of the hydroxyl groups in layers of magnesium hydroxide (brucite) or aluminum hydroxide (gibbsite).
  • If the carboxyl of the first molecule combines with a hydroxyl of the second molecule (ester formation), then a substance possessing character similar to that of a hydroxybenzoic acid is formed, which is capable of combining up with a further molecule in the same way. Synthetic Tannins
  • The effect of hydroxylation of the long fatty acid chain may also promote the adhesion by its participation in hydrogen bonding.
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