How To Use Hyacinth bean In A Sentence

  • And then like how it happens sometimes, the paper got pushed inside a drawer and neither of us wrote about that brilliant meal that proved that Bengali food is not all 'phish' We had started with an amazing hyacinth beans patties steamed in banana leaves with tomato-khajurer chatni. Cabbage curry with Bengali spices
  • Summer is the season of various kinds of beans full of protein including cowpeas, hyacinth beans and horse beans.
  • Hyacinth bean, a vigorous annual vine, can quickly cover an arbor during one season.
  • Plant quick-growing vines, such as morning glory or hyacinth bean, around the outside of the lattice.
  • Embu: njavi, njabi nzavi English: hyacinth bean, bonavist bean, lablab bean Giriama: mpupu Kamba: mbumbu, ngiima, nzavi Chapter 7

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