How To Use Hunky-dory In A Sentence

  • I became aware not all was hunky-dory after handling a reader's mortgage complaint.
  • He can't show up and expect things to be so hunky-dory between us.
  • Everything must be hunky-dory over there now, right?
  • Everything was hunky-dory at my last job,"  Jim says of MediPet, a maker of veterinary supplies such as narrow tongue depressors used to give throat exams to kitty-cats. For Chronic Reduplicators, Things Aren't Hunky-Dory
  • She believes that everything in life can't be hunky-dory all the time.
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  • The thing reportedly couldn't find its critical paths and gave off false signals that everything was hunky-dory when it wasn't.
  • This shitstorm is the direct and predictable result of conservative ideology: the belief that all the evil in the world results from evil dictators running strong governments, and that if you just invade, kill the dictator, and eviscerate the government, and send in big corporate cronies on multibillion-dollar contracts to build oil refineries and gated housing complexes, then everything else will be just hunky-dory and you’ll have Southern California in no time. Matthew Yglesias » Stabbing and Backs
  • That's not to say everything is hunky-dory.
  • Just as you always do when everything's hunky-dory, hey Rene?
  • You go out and for three or four pints it is all hunky-dory, then things start to deteriorate.
  • Yes, everything seems hunky-dory for good old Angela!
  • He pops in for a day, then, based on what he sees and hears from inside his protective bubble, declares everything to be just hunky-dory.
  • Sure enough, once it was removed, everything was hunky-dory again.
  • We had just booked two holidays abroad, everything was hunky-dory, and then this happens.
  • She added: ‘We are standing here saying everything is hunky-dory.’
  • That's what I call a hunky-dory lot of wood," he finally declared, when The Boy Scouts on Sturgeon Island or Marooned Among the Game-fish Poachers
  • Although my flatmate stresses have been removed I would be lying to say that moving home is hunky-dory.
  • Things may look hunky-dory from outside, but within we're reeling from the events of last year.
  • Yet this week he maintained it will all be hunky-dory with his Celtic team-mates.
  • I'm disinclined to believe that everything is hunky-dory and that the agencies are working well together.
  • But everything, as you agonizingly expected, comes out hunky-dory.
  • And imagine if he were to say that there is no problem out there, that everything's hunky-dory.
  • If the team does well, everything is hunky-dory.
  • Even if the house was in tip-top condition and living in it was hunky-dory, adjusting to life in a completely different place would still mean a stressful few weeks.
  • But I don't think the choice is one of simply saying nothing, or saying it's all hunky-dory, which is what John Prescott is about. EDP24 News

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