How To Use Humanization In A Sentence

  • Various authors have indicated that the dehumanization of others by means of ascribing animal attributes to them is a way to legitimize their exploitation and their exclusion from civilized society.
  • This is saying that the residential humanization on pattern matching funds for residential and people are very important.
  • But Poe is not un-American, despite his aristocratic disgust with democracy, preference for the exotic, and themes of dehumanization.
  • science has been blamed for the dehumanization of modern life
  • It also explores doublespeak in terms of rhetorical devices, namely, personification, dehumanization, metaphor, understatement and inflation.
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  • Sure, a run-in on the streets of Manhattan might stop your heart, but after Peter Jackson's extensive humanization of the great ape, he's just not all that scary any more.
  • In the face of dehumanization he remained human - and did not dehumanize his fellow humanity to try and get ahead or gain an advantage for himself.
  • Thus, what alarms him is the dehumanization, disembodiment and moral anaesthetization that is now, he believes, accompanying the substitution of virtuality for reality.
  • These shifts have helped create what experts say is one of the most prominent attitudinal drivers of pet industry growth: the increasing anthropomorphism, or humanization, of pets by their owners.
  • A confusing dynamics of humanization of animals and animalization of humans follows, framing such a decadent process with paroxysmal contours.
  • Concept albums explore the despair of failed relationships, painstakingly removing the instruments of de-humanization from the hard-hearted ex-girlfriend's toolbox and examining them one by one.

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