[ US /ˈhɔɹnˌbɪɫ/ ]
[ UK /hˈɔːnbɪl/ ]
  1. bird of tropical Africa and Asia having a very large bill surmounted by a bony protuberance; related to kingfishers
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How To Use hornbill In A Sentence

  • A short walk along the naval base yielded many interesting bird species including a pair of common grey hornbills, spotted owlets, small minivets, shikra & Common Iora to name a few.
  • Examples of seed dispersing birds are the hornbill, the toucan, the aracari, the cotinga, and some species of parrots. Frugivore
  • Cotswold Wildlife Park has had particular success in breeding hornbills.
  • Here we encountered our first hornbills of the trip, in addition to trogons and a most special coral-billed ground-cuckoo.
  • Many of these are now rare in Thailand, including green peafowl Pavo muticus, red-headed vulture Torgos calvus, Kalij pheasant Lophura leucomelana, Burmese peacock-pheasant Polyplectron bicalcaratum, rufous-necked hornbill Aceros nipalensis and white-winged wooduck Cairina scutulata. Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand
  • I imagined the millions of fig seeds dispersed through the forest by big - tusked babirusas or dropped from the canopy by far-ranging hornbills and macaques.
  • A circular boat, woven with bamboo and lined with buffalo hide, the coracle offers a leisurely drift, allowing you to watch hornbills flying against the darkening sky, returning to nest in the tall trees close to the river.
  • The procedure allows the staff to determine the gender of the sexually monomorphic Hornbill through internal examination of its reproductive organs. Southeast Asia in Pictures
  • A man with many tail-feathers from the rhinoceros hornbill (_buceros rhinoceros_) stuck into his rattan cap seated himself on a crude platform which had been built on upright poles over the water. Through Central Borneo; an Account of Two Years' Travel in the Land of Head-Hunters Between the Years 1913 and 1917
  • Endemic species throughout the region include the endangered Ash-breasted tit-tyrant (Anairetes alpinus); the critically threatened royal cinclodes (Cinclodes aricomae); Berlepsch's canastero (Asthenes berlepschi) classified as vulnerable; line-fronted canastero (Asthenes urubambensis), olivaceous thornbill (Chalcostigma olivaceum), scribble-tailed canastero (Asthenes maculicauda), short-tailed finch (Idiopsar bracyurus), and gray-bellied flower-piercer (Diglosa carbonaria), classified as species of least concern. Central Andean wet puna
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