How To Use Homozygous In A Sentence

  • The program was successful at Paint of a Different Color the first year and Al ended up with a beautiful homozygous filly and a palomino paint colt.
  • However, to a low extent, viable spores can also be recovered from a very small population of homozygous diploid nuclei in an otherwise haploid plasmodium.
  • Mice homozygous for the hypomorphic Notch1 [12f] allele, which removes the single O-fucose glycan in epidermal growth factor-like repeat 12 (EGF12) of the Notch1 ligand binding domain (lbd), exhibit reduced growth after weaning and defective T cell development. BioMed Central - Latest articles
  • When an organism is homozygous dominant it has two dominant genes.
  • In the higher liability classes the probability of an affected individual being heterozygous or homozygous for the major allele was about 0.10.
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  • The analysis of genetically mosaic worms, in which some cells carry a wild-type gene and others are homozygous mutant, can reveal where in the animal a gene acts to prevent the appearance of a mutant phenotype.
  • Homozygous mutants were obtained by intercrosses of the heterozygotes.
  • The complete absence of untransformed animals in these transformed lines suggested that these stable lines were homozygous for a chromosomal insertion of the transforming plasmid.
  • To check that standard curves were generated with truly homozygous individuals four of them were sequenced for three SNPs confirming the homozygosis. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Lorazepam is indicated for the order of candesartan hereditary {26} 4 {26} 3 as balloon of a genetic and complicated esomeprazole that may include rate of homozygous functions, act of variable anticonvulsant medications, and/or emergency of soft packets of nonheme sacred {26} 2. Wii-volution
  • Plumage color of homozygous birds varies from slaty blue to beige depending on the relative abundance of eumelanin and pheomelanin in the feathers.
  • Flies homozygous for such hypomorphic mutations reach adulthood, but often exhibit defects during the proliferative stages of gametogenesis.
  • Ionic contrast media, when injected intravenously or intra-arterially, may promote sickling in individuals who are homozygous for sickle cell disease. Patient Preference For Omnipaque (Iohexol) Highlighted In First Head-To-Head Taste Test of Oral Contrast Agents - Yahoo! Finance
  • (eqn. (3)), another prediction is that homozygous loci showing homoallelic nonadditivity are hotspots for the creation of genetic dominant eQTLs in the genome. PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • An allele does not care if it is in a half - blooded ( heterozygous ) or pure - blooded ( homozygous ) individual.
  • Objective : To study the pathogenesis of a homozygous patient with familial hypercholesterolemia.
  • Transformants were induced to sporulate and the resulting tetrads were dissected to generate homozygous deletions.
  • The alb1 mutation is recessive and homozygous albino plants are white and die at the seedling stage.
  • The second trial involved 49 patients aged 12 and older with the rarer 'homozygous' form. Times, Sunday Times
  • Determine if parental samples P 1 and P 2 are pure - breeding lines ( homozygous at each gene locus ).
  • To simplify the analysis, mate the dihybrid with a homozygous recessive strain (ccshsh).
  • Four of the eight QTL for reduced homozygous seed set are colocated with QTL associated with reduced male fertility.
  • Testing of two PRA affected animals within a 17th breed, the bull mastiff, revealed one heterozygote and one homozygous normal animal.
  • these two fruit flies are homozygous for red eye color
  • One such condition includes homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, which is rarer than the heterozygous form. The Seattle Times
  • All but one marker was identical in two copies (homozygous) in all 13 animals examined. The Scientist
  • An example of overdominance is the allele in black Africans that confers resistance to malaria when present in one chromosome (heterozygous), but causes sickle cell anemia when present in both (homozygous). "The more we play God or try to improve on Mother Nature, the more damage we are doing with all kinds of experiments that... turn into nightmares."
  • DNAs were isolated from individuals that were homozygous for recombinant haplotypes.
  • Therefore, with no further diplont or haplont selection, a certain number of seeds homozygous for the mutation will be formed in the inflorescence (1: 3 ratio, theoretically), and the mutant variation may be observed in all M2-families (the progeny of the same M1-plant).
  • All were homozygous for the mutation that squelches gene activity. The Scientist
  • The rationale is that self-sterile ryes are highly heterozygous and commonly carry deleterious genes (in heterozygous condition), some of which become homozygous in triticale and presumably result in reduced vigor and/or fertility. 8 Research Needs
  • Homozygous phenotypes of the recombinant lines were analyzed.
  • What is the expected genotypic ration resulting from a homozygous dominant x heterozygous monohybrid cross? what are some examples of generalists (species with broad niches) and specialist (species with narrow niches)? Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions
  • Through a series of back- and self-crosses, a mouse homozygous for the targeted gene can be generated. The Scientist
  • Of course, as for any other trait, it may be impossible for any one homozygous genotype to achieve the optimum.
  • Analysis of homozygous germline clones can be employed to reveal the role of pleiotropic genes in pole plasm formation.

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