How To Use Hole up In A Sentence

  • I'll hole up in some cheapo apartment, maybe down in the barrio somewhere. HOUR OF THE HUNTER
  • Suddenly, the entire campsite, the whole upper surface of the plateau was bathed in powerful white light, and there was a voice, in labored English, coming over some kind of loudspeaker from the air above them. The Nightmare Begins
  • She and Banducci -- who has a 3-year-old granddaughter -- took a yarn-store road trip last spring in Oregon and sometimes hole up in Banducci's rural cabin for multi-day knitting fests. Undefined
  • We'd better find some shelter and hole up until the storm passes.
  • Black bears are also the animals that hole up in winter.
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  • Bears hole up for the winter to go by.
  • It's not like Russia where you can retreat and retreat - you hole up and fight a guerilla war, or you run out of country.
  • The whole upper headwall is avalanching and is loaded with snow right now.
  • Usually lynx roam a mile or two a day, but when the females prepare to have kittens, they zero in on a small area as they choose a den, aiming to hole up for a while.
  • Dug ear hole up to now oneself 3 many months, still be inflammation, how to do?
  • It is not surprising, however, as thousands of flood victims had no other option but to hole up at the shelters as their houses have been unlivable for the better part of three weeks.
  • Black bears are also the animals that hole up in winter.
  • Black bears are also the animals that hole up in winter.
  • I nodded slightly, starting to sit up, ignoring the twinges of pain searing across my whole upper body.
  • The president might have chosen to stop at a public screening of Gas Hole for Earth Day rather than hole up in a movie studio and Brentwood bar privately with moviemaker donors. Jamie Court: Will the President Gridlock West LA as Prelude to Earth Day? He Should Read the Gas Station Signs
  • But some of the biggest, savviest survivors hole up right under our noses, in oddball places we tend to overlook. Cover Close to Home: Five Oddball Hiding Spots for Late Season Bucks
  • The headmaster for some unknown reason made the whole upper school do an arithmetic paper, the same for all forms.
  • Flushing, by its profile on the horizon, looked as if it were a good-sized seaport, and Stone figured he could hole up there if he had to. CORMORANT
  • Black bears are also the animals that hole up in winter.
  • We'd better find some shelter and hole up until the storm passes.
  • I filled the hole up with dirt again and put my pussywillow in it. then I used the hose to make a dryish mud all around the plant. The Stream of Concious-ness – The journal of a twelve year old boy - The Retroist
  • She'd found a nice, unobtrusive little cubbyhole up in the rafters that she thought might have been overlooked. T2: INFILTRATOR
  • Bowden is a blood-and-guts journalist with a poet's sensibility, a noirish naturalist, a ferociously inquisitive witness to life's glory and horror torn between the desire to embrace the world and the need to hole up in a drapes-drawn motel room. Some of the Dead Are Still Breathing by Charles Bowden: Book summary
  • Then with a jerk, she turned the whole upper part of her body toward her husband, the attorney; her hands resting in her lap, she stared clinchingly and suckingly into his face, while she herself became visibly whiter. Loulou
  • Now she and Lawrence were going to hole up in Belvoir for the night -- at her aunt's house -- and respray the Volvo green in the morning. MUSIC FOR BOYS
  • He'll hole up now and move again tomorrow, after dark.
  • So I will hole up in my office today and do some writing of an academic, not bloggy, kind and grade a segment of exams.
  • Standing proudly on an isolated promontory, this 13th century stronghold once commanded the whole upper part of the Great Glen.

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