How To Use Hirer In A Sentence

  • In all cases the person engaged is hired to undertake a task on the hirer's behalf.
  • He reasoned that hirers and owners should hold the same power, else the entire system of slavery would crumble.
  • He's a big hirer, capable of delivering jarring tackles.
  • Not only did Riefenstahl not work for Shirer, Shirer didn't work for Movietone -- the newsreel companies were owned by the film studios, not the radio networks. DBTL 51B: City of Shadows - Intervention
  • Joint hirees are jointly and severally liable to the hirer, except otherwise agreed by the parties.
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  • I can think of a few who would be perfect for the part but I also like it when they hirer new comers to play roles. Twilight Lexicon » Poll: Which vamps do you want to see in Breaking Dawn
  • Once you have signed up, you search for roles which sound of interest to you and you then either contact the hirer – or you put your bid in for how much you will do the job for. Getting Paid to Write. « Write Anything
  • Importantly, hirers of house keeping services are spared from the risk of appointing housemaids or servants, whose trustworthiness is a moot point now-a-days.
  • The year before, I'd left the company I'd worked for for over five years and hung out my own shingle, much to the uhhh... consternation of my now former boss and hirer. Binky Philips: Interviewing Pink Floyd, Dining With Tony Bennett, and Getting Advice From an Undercover Cop
  • She may not be aware that we pay business rates to her Government out of our income from hirers.
  • I needed to change my position to being a hirer and mentor and compensator.
  • Over the next 24 hours after the President's speech, company executives received emails from lawmakers commending the company, and news reports that evening cited Siemens as a major hirer of military veterans. Shrugging Off Bribery Case, Siemens Gains Favor in U.S.
  • Ideally your interviews always go smoothly, and after each one you craft an effective note thanking the interviewer for the time, expressing enthusiasm and making it clear you listened closely to the hirer's requirements. How To Follow Up After A Job Interview
  • DDI places itself between headhunters and hirers.
  • My experience has been when one makes a bad hire then the "hirer" is at fault, not the applicant, unless, of course, false references, or etc, were submitted. Proposed School Budget Received Badly at
  • If they do it right, the nimble hirers could see a rise in market share and stock price.
  • Instead the government provides that an individual is not an agency worker if that individual runs his/her own business and the contract provides that the hirer is a customer of that business. Onrec
  • However, Rosenberg wasn't as personally repugnant as the other top Brownshirts such as Heydrich, Funk, or Röhm himself, so Shirer girded his mental loins, smoked a pipeful of some awful tobacco, and left his apartment. Archive 2009-12-01
  • But the debtor or hirer may have been prejudiced in some way by reason of this fact.
  • He reiterated that the clincher was AOL's newfound commitment to editorial – in June David Eun, the president of AOl's studios and media division, made the bold statement that the company was going to be the "largest net hirer of journalists in the world next year". AOL buys TechCrunch
  • So you have a lot more flexibility if you're the hirer and the firer.
  • I hear this banana slug buzz crying that his sides party dont hirer staff that can read, but that seems strange as the reps and senators can not read as well. shaking my head no wonder they are wrong not some of the time but all the time. Think Progress » Stimulus Hypocrite Rep. McMorris Rodgers Not Invited To Ceremony In Her District Heralding Stimulus Project
  • If the hirer were to give a specific order he would be responsible for harm resulting from negligent execution of the order, but he would be liable as a principal, not vicariously.

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