How To Use Hired hand In A Sentence

  • One of the more dramatic resurrections in recent cinema history has seen Peter Fonda bring back his debut film as director, The Hired Hand.
  • the hired hand fixed the railing
  • Modern tractors, equipped with global positioning devices and autopilots, allow a single operator to farm several thousand acres without a hired hand.
  • His father had been an embittered hired hand to a poor tenant farmer in the forsaken moorlands of Jutland.
  • I visited them that April during lambing, and was so taken with the magnitude of their life -- at once its allure and its arduousness -- that we ended up working with them, their friends, and their Irish-American hired hands intensively over the coming years. George Heymont: Mother Nature Provided The Soundtrack
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  • hired hands
  • Abraham Lincoln, as a hired hand on a flatboat in 1831, ran aground on a trip down the Mississippi River.
  • The bankrupt cattle barons dismissed thousands of hired hands, who were forced to find new careers.
  • Then one day, the ranchers widow said to the hired hand, "You have done a really good job and the ranch looks great.
  • Eddie is a hired hand on a sheep station after the Great War.
  • Bernard says he modified a cherry picker to rip the bines off the trellises, and set up a system of pulleys to drop them into a tower, where three hired hands stood ready to pluck off the cones. Beer: The pursuit of hoppiness
  • But when the real trial comes, they abandon us just as a hired hand leaves the sheep when the wolf appears.
  • But when the real trial comes, they abandon us just as a hired hand leaves the sheep when the wolf appears.
  • Maybe one day I'll take a fancy to one of them and go off to live like a lady, and not be treated like a great strapping bosthoon of a hired hand.
  • My friend spent last summer working as a hired hand on a ranch.
  • The hired hands were paid off at the end of the harvest season.
  • ‘As a paid officer, a hired hand, he isn't there to shout and bawl at an elected member,’ Coun Jarvis added.
  • At once he called a hired hand to accompany him and rode out with the farmer.
  • ‘The Hired Hand’ has a very European, but also druggy, trippy feel at times.
  • The only if was who got to him first: some religious bampot avenging the murder of a priest, or the hired hand of whoever set him up, in accordance with the second rule of assassination. It's October, 1956.
  • Whether they were hired hands or cattlemen themselves, handling cattle offered the chance to stay on a horse. The Times Literary Supplement

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