[ US /ˈhaɪˌskuɫ/ ]
  1. a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12
    he goes to the neighborhood highschool
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How To Use highschool In A Sentence

  • Think back to your highschool days and recall the most nerdy, goofy, awkward kid that you and your jock friends bullied around and tormented each and every year.
  • The first night we went to this club that it just felt like we were crashing a bad highschool party.
  • KKKarl rove is so crooked he has to screw his pants on. dumbya†™ s smarmy school marm wife murdered her highschool boyfriend. dumbya is a deserter. dumbya was AWOL. dumbya is STUPID. dumby will be impeached. get a clue and go away. Think Progress » McClellan: Everyone in “the White House Has Been Cooperating Fully With The Special Counsel”
  • he goes to the neighborhood highschool
  • BF, soggy cracker was totally my nickname in highschool ...... what a coinkidink. Hi. I'm Megan Fox.
  • I can remember doing a presentation in highschool based on a magazine article I read in a hunting magazine. To all you anti-hunting people. Here is something you should think about.
  • I'm still wondering why he's a junior in highschool when he could be one in college!
  • We go to highschool and struggle through years of trying to be accepted, trying to impress people, wanting to be with the right crowds and do the right things, trying to make a name for ourself.
  • This has a lot to do with the fact that it such a amorphous and incoherent set of vague ideas, but also the fact that IDists seem to be more interested in sneaking their ideas straight into highschool textbooks, while attempting to dodge the peer-review process. A Dubious "Opportunity" for IDers
  • I also told Dan than he had a helluva nerve to tell me I should be greatful for Trudeau because he infered I was a Immigrant , My Dad served for canada in WW2 along with my Mother who left Highschool to learn Welding to finish off Bomber Plain bound for the ETO via Malton/Montreal/England. Our horrible Heritage Department....
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