How To Use High-stepping In A Sentence

  • Beside the sugar, oxen tug and buck ploughs over stony earth, men ride high-stepping horses with long stirrups and straw cowboy hats pulled down over their eyes, looking like extras from Hollywood.
  • a high-stepping horse
  • Totilas has swept competitions and set scoring records, but some devotees say his flamboyant, high-stepping style detracts from the purity of the conservative sport. Star Stallion Wins Dressage New Fans
  • The leggy, high-stepping Hernández stretches the play with his sprints and Rooney links front and middle from the No10 position. Manchester United dream of treble after sweeping aside Chelsea | Paul Hayward
  • Dressage experts attribute Totilas's star power to his high-stepping, lithe bounces, similar to the spring of Lipizzaners, the white stallions that perform at Vienna's Spanish Riding School. Defying Neigh-Sayers, a New Star Hoofs It Onto the World Stage
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  • But before long, the dynamic back was high-stepping on the sidelines and returned. Oregon Ducks Dominate UCLA Bruins 60-13
  • Imago/Zuma Press Totilas, shown at the German Championships, is known for his flamboyant, high-stepping style. Star Stallion Wins Dressage New Fans
  • Too often they involved young, healthy men and women, hiking in the canopied wood or at labor in some remote field; and the inexcusable singularity pertaining to each was that they seemed not to have simply disappeared, but to have been vertically snatched as if by the claws of some fantastical high-stepping predator. Perquampi
  • Larson is trying to understand how the muscles and bones in the monkey allow Parker to walk — badly, a sort of high-stepping goosestep, but walk nonetheless.
  • He lowered it when he saw Justin high-stepping through the tall grass toward them. MINUTES TO BURN
  • Finally, bringing up the rear, was a troupe of majorettes - flag-waving, high-stepping, brass-buttoned beauties with short skirts and kinky boots.
  • Originally, the school was formed in the 18th Century to hone the skills of cavalry men, but has gone on to evolve dressage into ‘Haute Ecole’, a style which requires the horsemen to move in intricate formation with their beautiful high-stepping Lipizzaners performing such balletic movements as pirouettes, croupades and ballotades.
  • The music Hot 8 performed that day hearkened back to the social aid and pleasure clubs, said Pete, where a well-dressed band led a parade down the street, forming the “first line,” while onlookers joined them to form the “second line” with strutting, jumping and high-stepping underneath their decorated parasols as they blew whistles and waved feathered fans. Archive 2010-08-01
  • He said the coachmen were the most warmly dressed men in Paris, always took care to be well covered, and we never had fancy, high-stepping horses, but ordinary strong ones, which could wait patiently. My First Years As A Frenchwoman, 1876-1879
  • Some devotees complain Totilas's flamboyant, high-stepping style and the merchandising that surrounds him are detracting from the purity of the conservative sport. Defying Neigh-Sayers, a New Star Hoofs It Onto the World Stage
  • A song was coming from the comp monitor, and Alis was high-stepping in time with a line of bustled, parasoled girls on the monitor behind her. Futures Imperfect
  • In performance, couples would line up to form an aisle, down which each pair would take a turn at a high-stepping promenade through the others. The Cakewalk | Edwardian Promenade

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