How To Use Hexachlorophene In A Sentence

  • Once widely used in over-the-counter products, hexachlorophene is now prescription-only, after overdose incidents in infants in France in the 1970s.
  • EHV - 1 is susceptible to a wide range of disinfectants such as iodophors, hexachlorophenes or phenols.
  • The FDA published a final order in 37 FR 20160, September 27, 1972 making 3% hexachlorophene available only by prescription and designating it as unsafe for OTC distribution.
  • Antiseptics, such as hexachlorophenes, chlorhexidines, centrimedes, benzylchonium chloride, or mercury laurel, should e used only to disinfect the skin.
  • Disinfect hands and boots with a good surface disinfectant e.g. iodophors, hexachlorophenes (Hibitane, or other chlorhexidine disinfectant) or phenols (Polyphen Polyphenolic Microbiocide)

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