How To Use Heterocycle In A Sentence

  • It contains four oxazole and four thiazole rings and is representative of a broad class of pharmaceutically important natural products with five-membered heterocycles derived from peptide precursors.
  • Ring closing metathesis (RCM) re action is a very efficient method for the construction ofm any functionalized carbocycles and heterocycles from acyclic diene or enyne precursors.
  • It contains a valuable distillation and critical evaluation of the Best Synthetic Methods for the formation and reaction of thiophenes (five membered heterocycles containing a ring sulfur) or polymers containing a thiophene functionality (thienyls). AvaxHome RSS:
  • They are of no immediate value of the utility of tis heterocycle in synthesis.
  • Initially our efforts concentrated on the two allyl side chains attached to the heterocycle via a methylene group.
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  • Biogenic amine is a kind of low molecular weight compounds containing nitric fatty group or heterocycle group . They have biological importance in vegetable, microbial and animal cells.

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