[ UK /hˈɛsɪtənt/ ]
[ US /ˈhɛzɪtənt/ ]
  1. lacking decisiveness of character; unable to act or decide quickly or firmly
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How To Use hesitant In A Sentence

  • Katherine spoke softly, sometimes hesitantly and sometimes in a rush, with a great deal more emotional inflection than the voice she uses when acting the cool professional.
  • Masked, they were dynamic, varied, and hilarious, so that their masks actually seemed to become their faces, despite their grotesqueness; unmasked, they were slow, hesitant, and awkward, as if ashamed of the material.
  • He was a mediocre speaker, uncomfortable in circumstances of political manoeuvre, often either too hesitant or too precipitate in action, and wedded to a proud independence that interfered with the building of successful alliances.
  • Cadfael found something so significant in that arrow-straight progress towards the church that he followed, candidly curious and officiously helpful, and finding Rafe of Coventry standing hesitant by the parish altar, looking round him at the multiplicity of chapels contained in transepts and chevet, directed him with blunt simplicity to the one he was looking for. The Hermit of Eyton Forest
  • He took in a deep breath, touching my body gently, tenderly… hesitantly.
  • Veteran traders say U.S. grains feel "toppy" after last week's rally to multimonth highs, but many remained hesitant to pick a direction for the coming week given the outside storms rattling the markets. Reuters: Top News
  • Certaines personnes, souvent d'ailleurs celles qui ont le pouvoir donné par une institution d'appartenance, s'assoient sur le droit d'auteur, n'hésitant pas à apposer leur nom sur un texte écrit par un autre. Entretiens / Interviews / Entrevistas
  • A hesitant and very masculine voice echoed through the earpiece.
  • I had met women of all shapes and sizes; blondes, brunettes and redheads, some bubbly, some serious, some supremely confident, others slightly hesitant.
  • Or perhaps he was hesitant to reveal any limits to their Harshini power. TREASON KEEP
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