[ UK /hˈɛlθi/ ]
[ US /ˈhɛɫθi/ ]
  1. exercising or showing good judgment
    healthy relations between labor and management
    no sound explanation for his decision
    a healthy fear of rattlesnakes
    healthy scepticism
    a sound approach to the problem
    sound advice
    the healthy attitude of French laws
    an intelligent solution
  2. financially secure and functioning well
    a healthy economy
  3. promoting health; healthful
    a healthy diet
    healthy and normal outlets for youthful energy
    plenty of healthy sleep
    clean healthy air
    the salubrious mountain air and water
    carrots are good for you
  4. large in amount or extent or degree
    a goodly amount
    a tidy sum of money
    it cost a considerable amount
    a sizable fortune
    a respectable sum
    received a hefty bonus
    a sizable fortune
  5. having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease
    staying fit and healthy
    a rosy healthy baby
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How To Use healthy In A Sentence

  • The critics call its recipes bland, unhelpful, unoriginal and unhealthy. The Sun
  • Consumers get incredibly upset when dieticians and researchers backtrack on previous findings, proclaiming that products once deemed healthy are now in question.
  • I eat a lot of chicken and fish, rice and pasta and maintain an all-round healthy diet. Times, Sunday Times
  • Economists say the ecosystem is basically healthy; ecologists worry it may, be on the verge of being irreparably damaged.
  • My dad, despite his rampant hypochondria, had always been healthy.
  • Coined by Colorado physician Dr. Steven Bratman, the term orthorexia applies to people who obsess over eating healthy food. Lead Stories from AOL
  • The healthy but lazy who claim incapacity benefit are just as morally bankrupt as those benefiting from offshore tax havens. Times, Sunday Times
  • In a healthy pregnancy, cells that come from the embryo's placenta-called trophoblast cells-move into the walls of the uterus and help to open up maternal arteries, thereby increasing the available blood and nutrient supply. Slate Articles
  • She managed to get the company's finances into a healthy state.
  • Here, we take a whirlwind global tour of foods that can help keep us healthy. The Sun
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