How To Use Hauteur In A Sentence

  • Harriet Walter was a wonderful Lady Macbeth: a faintly neurotic society hostess with aristocratic hauteur that did not quite conceal traces of hysteria.
  • He still bore himself with pride and dignity, but without that hauteur which is said to have characterized him when he declared in the Senate that he was an ambassador from The memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby,
  • But she negotiates its vocal awkwardness capably, and supplies much of the character's blend of hauteur, froideur and directness.
  • Flo is tall, angular and stately, a fascinating mixture of formal hauteur and bohemian ditziness.
  • However, with the addition of an arcade of brand-name boutiques, the Raffles' former aristocratic hauteur seems to have been traded for a sort of self-conscious post-yuppie consumerism.
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  • No more hiding behind a façade of hauteur, that's for poseurs.
  • Her rich, clear soprano captures infinite shadings of mock-hauteur, pertness and good humour.
  • She received the ovation self-possessedly enough, but without that hauteur affected by belles of balls -- in books. With Edged Tools
  • But they soon got used to my low-key presence and stared at me with supercilious hauteur.
  • Nine tenths of the critical writing about commodity culture could be anthologized under the title Killjoy Was Here; whether the point of view is Marxist alienation or post-structuralist hauteur, it's a given that the critic is monkishly immune to the gratifications involved. Material Girl
  • A haughty young lady in the dining-room, Birdie Callahan, in her stiffly starched white, but beneath the icy crust of her hauteur was a molten mass of good humor and friendliness. Fanny Herself
  • He grinned at her, she smiled back, the first expression besides sullen pouting and imperial hauteur he'd seen.
  • She checked her sobs, wiped her eyes with a morsel of lace she called a handkerchief, and, sweeping in a stately manner to the door, said, with the extreme of patrician hauteur: Nell, of Shorne Mills or, One Heart's Burden
  • This will certainly not vindicate socialism as an economic system, nor anti-bourgeois hauteur as a cultural affectation. The Times Literary Supplement
  • The tiny, perfect form of Rakael shifted, cuddling more tightly against his firm warmth in her sleep, emerald eyes shut and her face relaxed from imperial hauteur to an open, curiously innocent expression.
  • Ramirez bowed his head in reverence, seeing once more the profound mind that lurked beneath Rakael's veneer of bickering and hauteur.
  • She may have declined to be named out of aristocratic hauteur. Times, Sunday Times
  • I called the Plantagenet, and ascended it through La Salle, Marquette, and Assawa Lakes to a small creek at the foot of the Hauteur des Terres. Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers
  • The West must discard its hauteur, its double standards, its superiority complex and its cultural zeal.
  • He plays one king unthroned by hauteur and another unthroned by complacency
  • I will not say that her peculiar position did not produce something of an independent manner which some called hauteur, and others exclusiveness. The Continental Monthly, Vol. 2, No. 2, August, 1862 Devoted to Literature and National Policy
  • From the beautifully groomed hair to the dark intensity of his eyes he spelled wealth, power and hauteur.
  • One strand of poetry, even today, represents the resentment of the old middle class at finding its assets devalued by a flood of competition; its hauteur towards the arriviste working class graduates.
  • Cynics might suggest that the jackets were commissioned to enhance the cultivated hauteur of the members.
  • The detached hauteur she assumes as she goads Don José into murder is fascinating and suggests an unusually compelling conception of this problem role.
  • With his hauteur and chequered disciplinary record, as well as his sublime talent, he dominated the emerging celebrity culture of English football.
  • Gone was the better-than-thou hauteur and proud carriage synonymous to Adrienne Clarke.
  • At his words, the mocking hauteur disappears from her gaze.
  • Johan Kobborg played Prince Desire with the grandiloquence and hauteur he is so capable of.
  • Il a une tres grande cage et tout en haut j'ai pendu une caisse de coin pour furet que je remplis de foin. je la mets en hauteur pour qu'il ne fasse pas ses besoins dedans et il n'y a pas grand espace entre le toit de la cage et la boite et lui est quand meme un morceau bien que lapin nain. Pinku-tk Diary Entry
  • Gathered together on wicker furniture are two women and a man, posing a bit as they react to the stormy weather conditions outside with a bit of stiff-necked hauteur.
  • To her finer qualities must be added a quick temper and considerable hauteur, more readily apparent to the Chinese than to most foreigners.
  • amiable and unassuming," and though one of the first, if not the first lady at Vienna, as not at all partaking of the insolence and hauteur which is by some ascribed to the society of that capital. The Letters of Queen Victoria, Volume 1 (of 3), 1837-1843) A Selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence Between the Years 1837 and 1861
  • She recalled his hauteur and studious coldness towards herself, his air of deep understanding and mastery, his magic look of wizardly youth, his eloquence, his immense self-possession, his mysterious connection with Cleopatra's indisposition and recovery. Too Old for Dolls A Novel
  • The crack in Crack Wars is between its hauteur and its need to be hip.
  • By all reports straight and happily partnered with a female politician, Rickman nonetheless has the kind of suave, queeny hauteur any Noel Coward manque would kill for.
  • Surrounded by people who were disinclined to take her seriously, the columnist abandoned the queeny hauteur and theatrical affectations that have been her television trademarks.
  • There's an impossible, unreasonable glamour to the stars of the past; the hauteur of Dietrich, the sultriness of Bacall, the mystique of Garbo.
  • A long, oaken table occupied the centre of the room, and round this in groups, seated and standing, were a score of men, all with swords at their sides; bearing, many of them, that air of careless hauteur which is supposed to be a characteristic of noble birth. The Strong Arm
  • He exudes a sense of self-possession and hauteur that leads critics in the media and among his party to label him arrogant.
  • Middle class people can claim neither the heroic struggles of the proletariat nor the cultural hauteur and effortless savoir faire of the aristocracy.
  • But he did it not from hauteur but from impishness. Daredevil
  • That "hauteur," however, has proved beneficial for the institution he has directed for almost a third of a century. The Eye of the Met's Director
  • Daphne lifts her chin in an overblown attempt at hauteur and heads into the closet to fetch her coat.
  • We believe it to be owing to the influence of the causes we have noticed, that this manner, so often ridiculed by the French, under the name of "hauteur" and Travels in France during the years 1814-15 Comprising a residence at Paris, during the stay of the allied armies, and at Aix, at the period of the landing of Bonaparte, in two volumes.
  • Victor heard him, and put up his eyeglass in amazement; but he, in his turn, had only a shirt on, and the hauteur was a failure. Comedies of Courtship
  • His autocratic tendencies and hauteur towards the ex-convict population also brought him into conflict with his Legislative Council and sometimes with his masters in the Colonial Office.
  • But a certain hauteur and luxury should be considered. Times, Sunday Times
  • For 80 years the statue, erected after the first world war, has, with magnificent hauteur, turned his behind on the traffic that boils up where London's Park Lane debouches into Piccadilly and Knightsbridge.
  • Despite his much vaunted lack of emotional attachment to the trappings of title, the marquis has been cited as conducting his business with a distinctly aristocratic hauteur.
  • Adriana is no match for her hauteur and ruthlessness, and, with her solid vocalism, she is the center of attention every time that she is on stage.

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