[ US /ˈhɑɹkən/ ]
[ UK /hˈɑːkən/ ]
  1. listen; used mostly in the imperative
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How To Use harken In A Sentence

  • Remote from his own image as a masculinist writer, these personae, while liberating his imagination, meaningfully harken back to antique notions of the fundamentally androgynous nature of creativity.
  • The director delivers a film that harkens back to a golden age of solid storytelling and bold heroics, without the falsely pumped-up bravado of so many "major" pictures these days.
  • The lo-fi recording quality harkens back to 60s staples like Simon & Garfunkel or Nick Drake, not to mention Sumpner's haunting pastoral imagery.
  • With effort he could harken back to med school and recall the musculature of the thumb, thinking that a flexor pollicis brevis is a flexor pollicis brevis, regardless of its size. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
  • I threw myself into modifying my body through piercing and tattooing, not so slowly amassing nearly 20 tattoos (ranging from religious icons that called to me to pop culture symbols and characters that harkened back to my childhood) and more than a dozen piercings (nipples twice each, PA, labret, tongue, 1 1/4-inch lobes, rooks, tragi, etc.). Get me to the Church of Body Modification on time
  • Further, these "shut down the vote" campaigns harken back to Operation Eagle Eye, when a young attorney named William Rehnquist led a team of Republicans who disenfranchised black and Latino overs in Phoenix. David A. Love: The Corporate Financing of Voter Suppression
  • South Korea's policy harkens back to that Old Korea adopted toward Qing China called Sadaejuŭi 事大主義, translasted as "worship of the powerful," "flunkeyism," or "toadyism. China, Mongolia, Korea
  • More important, the idea that even the music of the fiddlers harkened back to a pure, early (read Anglo-Saxon) style was itself a fabrication of the 1920s.
  • Now Harken is demanding that the Costa Rican government pay upwards of $12 million in reparations for its aborted exploits.
  • This, of the former President Bill Clinton with candidate, the wife Hillary Clinton and Chelsea, all three of them together, the former first family, and what they did is essentially are trying to show a personal support, family support, but also to kind of harken back to the days of the White House when times were good, when the economy was strong, when the country was at peace. CNN Transcript Dec 27, 2007
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