How To Use Hangdog In A Sentence

  • So when Zhu appeared on Japanese TV recently, with a hangdog look, speaking of his difficulties, questions surfaced as to whether the reform czar was in trouble again.
  • The air of defeat clings to this hangdog bear from the get-go.
  • I'll nae deny I take a wee drappie now an 'then," the woods-boss admitted frankly, albeit there was a harried, hangdog look in his eyes. The Valley of the Giants
  • He brought out the essential weakness of official Unionism, its demoralised passivity, its sentimental traditionalism, its dearth of ideas, its hangdog lack of creative energy.
  • And besides, in the majority of scenes you can plainly see that many a bystander are crying with laughter at the sight of Bill Murray's hangdog expression, thus indicating that the amused bafflement is mutual.
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  • Whether cast as heroes or villains, Horst Tappert had an air of amiability about him that was hard to dislike, a hangdog avuncularity that put him in the company of actors like Walter Matthau and Peter Falk. Death Notice: Horst Tappert
  • His hangdog face looks like pummelled dough and unspoken anxieties lurk in his bleary eyes. Times, Sunday Times
  • McAvoy is sitting in the Soho Hotel sipping lime and soda and apologising for his hangdog appearance.
  • At 11 pm, Kirsty Wark, who had appeared ill at ease throughout the preceding half hour, disappeared from Scottish screens to be replaced by the hangdog features of Newsnight Scotland's Gordon Brewer.
  • Unfortunately, he's a runaway freight train of creativity, with no one in the brake room to slow down his torrent of hangdog, peculiarly American balladry.
  • Not realizing that calm and logic are anathema to the Hysterical Female, the Wronged Male, by his very hangdog air, serves only to lure the Hysterical Female into a near frenzy in her thwarted attempts for a screaming argument.
  • With their flat diagonal fringes and hangdog, metrosexual anguish, they're like a heavily diluted version of skater punks… who were just a diluted version of old school punks.
  • Craig Michael's hangdog portrayal of the libertine and ill-starred artist for the most part manages to avoid suffering genius/nutcase clichés.
  • One of the stand-out performances came from Joe Wilkinson, whose appearances as hangdog, sexually frustrated neighbour Dan provided some of the biggest laughs. This week's new comedy
  • The room was full of Iranians: the women in pretty and expensive shawls, with hard, glossy hair and carmine manicures; the men in expensive slip-on shoes, time-choking gold watches and hangdog eyes.
  • He noticed the grim, tight set of the older man's mouth, the hangdog cant of the younger's head, and Black fidgeting nervously beside.
  • I could tell from his hangdog look that things had gone badly.
  • Official Ballina's hangdog, carping approach was in marked contrast to the approach of organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce, the Ballina street festival committee and Eamon Walsh's Fleadh initiative.
  • Then a row of about twenty-five as hangdog-looking Bedouins as were ever strung up in the Valley of Jehoshaphat began a kind of mewling cry, such as a rat would make in a trap. A Fantasy of Mediterranean Travel
  • ‘I like my prisoners to look a little hangdog,’ he said.
  • Lauria's Vince is a hangdog, anguish-filled man in a skinny tie, short-sleeved shirt and thick glasses, a coach who screams at everyone and watches game film until the wee hours. Will Broadway's 'Lombardi' Be A Touchdown?
  • For Moore, a former prosecutor a tinge of Hal Holbrook's hangdog air, such speeches are painful.
  • In a voiceover, he remarks that it's not death he fears but a futile life, but, from his hangdog expression and recklessness toward his health, it's clear that he's already given into that feeling of futility.
  • In becoming that figure, he also brought out the essential weakness of official Unionism, its demoralised passivity, its sentimental traditionalism, its dearth of ideas, its hangdog lack of creative energy.
  • The hangdog expression comes from her droopy eyebrow patches and downturned mouth. The Sun
  • He showed that hangdog look of someone who feels defeated. Christianity Today
  • The lugubrious Scouser does his best, but who can blame him for that hangdog expression, with Coventry City languishing in the wrong half of the table and the shares that once made him a multi-millionaire delisted by the Stock Exchange?
  • It wasn't long before Paul shuffled up to me, hangdog.
  • Even if you're not familiar with the name, you'd recognise the hangdog features; as well as turning up in a fair few A-Team episodes, Lewis Sr also played Clint Eastwood's CB buddie Orville in Any Which Way But Loose.
  • But what a night the bloody hangdog Bonthron must have had of it, dancing a pavise in mid air to the music of his own shackles, as the night wind swings him that way and this! The Fair Maid of Perth St. Valentine's Day
  • As in, if you've sent me a dozen emails in the past month, please don't write me a thirteenth sounding all hangdog because I've only answered one or two. "Look at everything around us. Look at everything we've done."
  • These pooches all have hangdog expressions for a good reason. The Sun
  • He's stocky with an expression so hangdog it makes Droopy look like he's had Botox; he also has a weird brushed - up hairline that gives the impression that a wee guy with spiky hair is standing directly behind him.
  • So you can scoff and snicker all you like at the shaggy, hangdog 27-year-old next door dressed in a baggy college sweatshirt and cargo shorts, taking empty pizza boxes and beer bottles to the dumpster. Two Cheers for the Maligned Slacker Dude
  • In what may have been a public relations tactic, Alam wore a hangdog facial expression throughout, in contrast with her confident appearance in newspaper pictures during the week.
  • Tamara put on an abject expression, tilting her head in a hangdog way. The Omega Theory
  • the hangdog and shamefaced air of the retreating enemy
  • I'm an Obama supporter, but that WaPo piece on "hangdog" pictures was a cheap shot at Clinton -- esp since hers was the only "hangdog" picture shown. Hillary's Closing Argument: It's The Experience, Stupid
  • But what a night the bloody hangdog Bonthron must have had of it, dancing a pavise in mid air to the music of his own shackles, as the night wind swings him that way and this!” The Fair Maid of Perth
  • One of the small, hangdog-cheerful men had leapt over, torn his jacket off and was attempting to cover the janitor with it. Interlude – Cafe Nekropolis « Unknowing
  • Cuomo's voice, too, has changed over the years, losing some of its hangdog kickability and gaining faint echoes of Roy Orbison's ruefulness, as ‘The Other Way’ hints.
  • Speaking eruditely, with a pained, hangdog expression, Mr. Kumar described his descent from the pinnacle of the business world to become a self-admitted felon aiding Mr. Rajaratnam. Motive for Stock Leak Can Be Respect, Love
  • While it's admittedly now associated with all sorts of marvelous memories and history, it's also taken on the hangdog vibe of the perpetually neglected and unloved.
  • They were mostly short, hangdog-cheerful men in shabby suits. Interlude – Cafe Nekropolis « Unknowing

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