How To Use Handwash In A Sentence

  • Workers should be counseled about personal hygiene, and management personnel should be advised about proper handwashing agents.
  • Instruments may be handwashed, but they should not be washed in the scrub sink.
  • A lotion which glows under ultra violet light is also used to train staff in proper handwashing techniques.
  • Fortunately, these transient flora are more effectively removed by handwashing than the resident flora.
  • HandWash: Spread the product directly on stains, blood spots etc. Wash by hand after several minutes.
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  • Its products – including that bottle of handwash – are manufactured in a factory in central London, which employs 80 people. Centralised procurement shuts out social enterprises
  • I'd recently been introduced to the miracle of antibacterial handwash, an incredible, but rather thin, soap product.
  • They really should try putting bromide in the antiseptic handwash. Times, Sunday Times
  • You can also use it for blotting handwashed clothes to dry overnight.
  • Instead of spraying with something toxic, try using a squirt of liquid handwash in some water and spray them with this.
  • Fortunately, these transient flora are more effectively removed by handwashing than the resident flora.
  • The wards have carried large notices at the entrance informing persons that upon entering and leaving the wards to use the handwash supplied to disinfect their hands.
  • I am not a medical expert but doctors have told me that good alcohol-based handwashes are essential in wards and isolation units.
  • This delicate sweater must be handwashed
  • I handwashed my shirt and jeans and managed to get stains out.
  • It's easy to tell yourself to ignore him and not pay for his squirt of handwash and the passing of a few paper towels.
  • This is pretty neat, The Laundry Pod, an ecofriendly, oversized, salad-spinner-like device that you use to handwash your small loads. Handwash Small Loads With The Laundry Pod - The Consumerist
  • Being fed up of the soap scum generated by bar soap, I bought their liquid handwash.
  • End of the day, her trusting me to nurse her baby was very probably no more risky than giving the baby tap water, or borrowing formula, or accepting food served by a handwash-sloppy server. They Shoot Wet Nurses, Don’t They? | Her Bad Mother
  • You should handwash 100% wool and limit the amount of agitation.
  • A review of the studies confirms that the formulation meets and exceeds the FDA definition of an antiseptic handwash.
  • It includes ritual handwashing of the kohanim by the levites.
  • A video piece of handwashing by Bruce Naumann sits comfortably with a splendid display of Delft tiles; and a blue-and-white chamber pot and several life-size sofa-type objects with their "backs" made from tons of processed human feces somehow go nicely with the 1661 English delftware plate deflatingly inscribed "You and I are Earth. Dishing the 'Dirt' on Filth
  • If you don't have a dishwasher, handwash the dishes if you have enough time, or hide them. Stephanie O'Dea: Company Clean In 30 Minutes (Or Less!)
  • Each load of a filled dishwasher uses 35–45 litres, which is the same amount you use every time you handwash a load of dishes.
  • Another doctor, Rajesh Patil, said police had brought Ajmal to Nair hospital when he was on duty for a "handwash" test. Daily News & Analysis
  • Whatever it becomes will have to be handwashed, and quickly, as I've learned that angora shouldn't ever soak in water (nor should alpaca, for that matter).
  • The CDC has reported that at least half of the two million nosocomial infections, and half of the ninety-eight thousand deaths estimated by the IOM to result annually from these infections, could be prevented if physicians and the hospital staff under their supervision would follow the handwashing and related policies on asepsis which have been established as standard procedure in each acute-care hospital in the nation. Doctors Are Spreading Infections That Kill Patients
  • The delicate cycle, which uses a slower and gentler spin intensity, is for laundering lingerie, stockings and other garments that are normally handwashed.
  • It pioneered the Clean Your Hands scheme, introducing anti-bacterial alcohol handwash beside every bed and at the entrance to each ward.
  • Duties would include making "tea, tea, tea" and "cleaning up kitchens; emptying dishwashers; checking toilets have handwash, toilet rolls and clean towels; wiping down surfaces, windows, etc". No such thing as a free lunch? Tell the poor, unpaid intern who cooked it
  • We have shown that handrubbing with an alcohol based solution is more effective than handwashing with an antiseptic soap in reducing bacterial contamination of healthcare workers' hands during routine patient care.
  • Wash only full loads in the dishwasher, or handwash dishes with a basin of soapy water and a basin of clear rinse water.
  • Use — and encourage others to use — an antiseptic handwash after meals.
  • In observational studies of handwashing, the frequency and quality of hand hygiene are consistently suboptimal.
  • Regulations governing its use as an antibacterial in handwash are more lax.
  • Certain standards were well met, but still much potential for improvement in key procedures such as handwashing, use of isolation, and clearing up of excreta and other body fluids.

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