How To Use Hadji In A Sentence

  • The Arabs are especially fond of relics; thus, upon the return from a pilgrimage to Mecca, the "hadji" or pilgrim is certain to have purchased from some religious Faky of the sacred shrine either a few square inches of cloth, or some such trifle, that belonged to the prophet Mahomet. In the Heart of Africa
  • At daybreak on the morning of departure the charvadars wake us up by pounding on the outer gate and shouting "hadji" to Abdul Abdul lets them in, and the next hour passes in violent and wordy disputation among them as they load up their horses. Around the World on a Bicycle - Volume II From Teheran To Yokohama
  • Hassane and most of the competitors sheepishly made their way over to El Hadji's open-air mosque to perform their ablutions and prayers.
  • She was born in New York to Greek parents and, before she got her stage name, was known as Aikaterini Hadjipateras.
  • Their rationale for that demand, as explained by the union's chairman, Magomed Shamilov, to Caucasus Knot, was the proposal Bastrykin floated last week at a meeting of top prosecutor's office staff that Medvedev attended, to create a database containing the fingerprints of the entire North Caucasus population. condemned that proposal as discriminatory; Chechen Republic human rights ombudsman Nurdi Nukhadjiyev termed it anticonstitutional and a violation of citizens 'rights. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
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  • Hadjigeorgiou, M. and Papapavlou, A. (2005) Approaches to multiculturalism: How responsive is the educational system of Cyprus to new challenges? Reading Development in Two Different Contexts:the Case of the English-greek Bilingual Children in UK and in Cyprus « Articles « Literacy News
  • He was finally even cashiered out of Graywolf for shooting a surrendering hadji on CNN, a bad career move if ever there was one; now he had another client, less picky about certain moral distinctions. Dead Zero
  • Hadji Baba, had described the manners and vices of the Eastern nations, not only with fidelity, but with the humour of Le Sage and the ludicrous power of Fielding himself, one who was a perfect stranger to the subject must necessarily produce an unfavourable contrast. The Talisman
  • They reckon their ancestry from the mother, and when my Cretan cavass, Hadji Houssein, spoke of his home, it was always as his “mother's house.” The Autobiography of a Journalist
  • A hadji is someone who takes a pilgrimage to Mecca. Robert Koehler: The Hounds of Heaven
  • As far as I could learn from the answers I received to my questions, and the numerous servants and soldiers walking about before them, they were the palaces of the aumil and the Queen Widow of Madhadji-Sindhia. A Woman's Journey Round the World
  • A short time ago a fine young tiger was brought alive to Captain Shaw, and he ordered a proper cage to be made, in which to send him to England, telling Babu, the "double Hadji," to put it into the "godown" in its bamboo cage; but the man put it into the kitchen, and in the morning the cage was found broken into pieces, the kitchen shutters torn down, and the tiger gone! The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither
  • The sum which he demanded appeared exorbitant to the hadji, who, forgetting that he was a saint, and fresh from Mecca, fumed outrageously, and in broken Spanish called the boatman thief. The Bible in Spain; or, the journeys, adventures, and imprisonments of an Englishman, in an attempt to circulate the Scriptures in the Peninsula
  • Hadji Murád remained silent for a while (he never interrupted any one, but always waited to see whether his collocutor had not something more to say). Hadji Murad
  • For instance, Mike Totten, speaking at the 2008 Winter Soldier hearings in Washington, D.C., discussed how the Army twisted the word "hadji," which means an Islamic religious pilgrim, into the "gook" stand-in of the Iraq war. Robert Koehler: Holy War
  • So welcome, then, El Hadji Diouf, to Scotland, cradle of the enlightenment and beacon of condign behaviour at all times in a dark world. Think Diouf is vile? Listen to the fans | Kevin McKenna
  • No man can hold th 'office iv bow-sthringer iv our impeeryal domain without a certy-ficate fr'm Hadji. Mr. Dooley's Philosophy
  • N'gone, El Hadji's new wife, is dressed for a Western white wedding and her face is covered with a bridal veil.
  • El - Hadji Diouf is also missing on African Nations Cup duty with Senegal.
  • This Hadji Murad was Shamil's naib, famous for his exploits, who used never to ride out without his banner and some dozens of murids, who caracoled and showed off before him.
  • Then we had a slim repast of soda water and bananas, the Hadji worshiped with his face toward Mecca, and the boatmen prepared an elaborate curry for themselves, with salt fish for its basis, and for its tastiest condiment blachang — a Malay preparation much relished by European lovers of durion and decomposed cheese. The Golden Chersonese and the way thither
  • Le blog de Lameen Souag ayant hélas perdu un point. the excellent blog of Algerian journalist Allaoua Hadji next to Laila Lalami [a Moroccan author] and the two censored Tunisian blogs Nawaat. org and ReveilTunisien. org. Global Voices in English » Morocco: The Blogoma’s Journey Continues
  • Hadji Baba, had described the manners and vices of the Eastern nations, not only with fidelity, but with the humour of Le Sage and the ludicrous power of Fielding himself, one who was a perfect stranger to the subject must necessarily produce an unfavourable contrast. The Talisman
  • Adding to the tenderness of this song, which, according to Marine Times, the high command has apparently forbidden Belile to record, is the fact that "hadji" is a racist term, the new slur for Arabs and Muslims, Iraq war vet Aiden Delgado explained on blackcommentator. com. Hadji Girl

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