1. shaped in the form of the letter H
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How To Use H-shaped In A Sentence

  • An experimental study of flutter instability of H-shaped slender member with different sizes of slotted web is carried out using both section models and aeroelastic model.
  • On each side, the gyrus rectus of the frontal lobe is well developed and the orbital gyri are arranged irregularly around the H-shaped orbital sulci.
  • A series of leech-shaped bronze fibulae running down the left side of his body indicate where his shroud was pinned closed; a dragon-shaped silver fibula and an another pin of bronze and silver were also found. Dig Like a Surgeon
  • The missing ‘tooth-shaped’ block at upper rear of the skull is made up of the squamosal and parietal.
  • In early spring, these aphids form pouch-shaped galls on the hybrids' leaves; living and breeding within the galls, the insects feed on the trees' nutritious sap stream.
  • This group is composed by eight species belonging to four families with nectarless, dish-shaped and actinomorphic flowers, which are showy, and yellow- or pink-colored.
  • The terminal and erect cymose inflorescence bears actinomorphic, hexamerous, dish-shaped flowers.
  • To the east, three of the king's wives had their own small pyramids, with streets of mastaba - bench-shaped tombs - for his sons and daughters.
  • Highpoint North consists of three H-shaped airmen's billets, each housing 69 women in single and shared rooms and inmates have their own keys.
  • Hippocampus satomiae is distinguished from congeners in having a combination of: extremely small size (height 11 mm, standard length 14 mm); 12 trunk rings; 27-28 tail rings; reduced ossification of inferior and ventral trunk ridges; 13 dorsal fin rays; 9 pectoral fin rays; anal fin small or absent; brooding area in males anterior to anus; well-developed spine on snout between eyes; distinct raised coronet with laterally expanded anterior and posterior flanges ( 'H-shaped' when viewed from above); snout without a bulbous tip; single gill opening on midline directly behind coronet supported by raised cleithral bone; large spines above eyes Practical Fishkeeping news (RSS)
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