[ UK /ɡˈʌtɐ/ ]
[ US /ˈɡətɝ/ ]
  1. a tool for gutting fish
  2. a channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater
  3. a worker who guts things (fish or buildings or cars etc.)
  4. misfortune resulting in lost effort or money
    his career was in the gutter
    all that work went down the sewer
    pensions are in the toilet
  1. burn unsteadily, feebly, or low; flicker
    The cooling lava continued to gutter toward lower ground
  2. wear or cut gutters into
    The heavy rain guttered the soil
  3. provide with gutters
    gutter the buildings
  4. flow in small streams
    Tears guttered down her face
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How To Use gutter In A Sentence

  • The building is dark brick topped by pinky-coloured concrete block walls, white plastic-looking fascia board, black plastic guttering and an artificial slate roof.
  • There's a cigarette packet thrown into the gutter.
  • Eventually, the besotted warriors either passed out or crawled away as the torches guttered and smoked into mere embers.
  • And so, with this in mind, and in the spirit of wild experimentation, this week, in place of the usual guttersnipe sneering, I bring you art. Charlie Brooker's Screen burn: TV listings in haiku
  • This stuff works in the gutters - the spaces between the panels, and between the pictures and words.
  • Alifabs Ambassador extruded aluminium fascia gutter and rainwater system is the design ideal for both new and existing buildings.
  • Pettin's men surged up the steps at them, weapons flashing in the guttery light; Del's screaming, shrill as an angry hawk's, stabbed through Joanna's panic like the senseless sounds of nightmare. The Silicon Mage
  • ‘It's just fun, almost a caricature version of rockabilly,’ adds the Gutter Demon's bassist Flipper.
  • In the past, asbestos has been widely used by South African companies to produce a wide range of products, including gaskets, seals, brake linings, roofing sheets, gutters and other building products, waste pipes and flower pots.
  • You were not able to check whether there were any splits or tears in the lead in the parapet gutter?
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