[ US /ˈɡɫɔsi/ ]
[ UK /ɡlˈɒsi/ ]
  1. a photograph that is printed on smooth shiny paper
  2. a magazine printed on good quality paper
  1. (of paper and fabric and leather) having a surface made smooth and shiny especially by pressing between rollers
    glossy paper
    calendered paper
  2. reflecting light
    lustrous auburn hair
    saw the moon like a shiny dime on a deep blue velvet carpet
    shining white enamel
    glistening bodies of swimmers
    the horse's glossy coat
  3. based on pretense; deceptively pleasing
    meretricious praise
    a meretricious argument
    the gilded and perfumed but inwardly rotten nobility
  4. superficially attractive and stylish; suggesting wealth or expense
    a glossy TV series
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How To Use glossy In A Sentence

  • She pulled the black scrunchie out of her long glossy red-gold hair, the silky strands having been confined in a simple low, sleek ponytail.
  • The beast was as huge as an aurochs, its glossy midnight mane shining in the sunlight as it pawed the ground restlessly with one forehoof.
  • Bed doth a goddess inarm; smooth ivory glossy from Indies, Poems and Fragments
  • All these glossy pamphlets are just window dressing - the fact is that the new mall will ruin the neighborhood.
  • Penguin used to do these great science fiction paperback editions, and they had one series with really evocative paintings — glossy, garish, almost hyperrealist — on the covers. Ballardian » The 032c Interview: Simon Reynolds on Ballard, part 2
  • American bittersweet is valued for its glossy green summer foliage followed by orange and red fruits and seeds, and several landscape cultivars are commercially marketed.
  • Their lavish do was paid for by a glossy magazine. The Sun
  • One of my greatest pet peeves in anime is the glossy disregard for detail in action scenes.
  • There are good bedside reading lamps and stacks of glossy magazines. Times, Sunday Times
  • It was cool without being chill, and took the warmth of one's hand flatteringly soon, as if it liked to do so, yet kept its freshness; it was smooth without being glossy, mat as a pearl, and as delightful to roll in the hand; and of an exquisite, alarming frangibility that gave it, in its small way, that flavour which belongs to pleasures that are dogged by the danger of a violent end. The Judge
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