[ UK /ɡˈæðɐ/ ]
[ US /ˈɡæðɝ/ ]
  1. draw together into folds or puckers
  2. draw and bring closer
    she gathered her shawl around her shoulders
  3. collect or gather
    The work keeps piling up
    Journals are accumulating in my office
  4. collect in one place
    Let's gather in the dining room
    We assembled in the church basement
  5. get people together
    get together all those who are interested in the project
    assemble your colleagues
    gather the close family members
  6. increase or develop
    the car gathers speed
    the peace movement gained momentum
  7. conclude from evidence
    I gather you have not done your homework
  8. look for (food) in nature
    Our ancestors gathered nuts in the Fall
  9. assemble or get together
    gather some stones
    pull your thoughts together
  1. the act of gathering something
  2. sewing consisting of small folds or puckers made by pulling tight a thread in a line of stitching
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How To Use gather In A Sentence

  • When your bulbs arrive, or you buy them from the garden center, gather everyone together, hand out garden tools and start digging.
  • Gwenhidwy likes to drink a lot, grain alcohol mostly, mixed in great strange mad-scientist concoctions with beef tea, grenadine, cough syrup, bitter belch-gathering infusions of blue scullcap, valerian root, motherwort and lady's-slipper, whatever's to hand really. Gravity's Rainbow
  • Somehow, they gathered themselves to beat Limerick in the first round of the qualifiers but the core discontent hadn't been addressed.
  • By the time they were lurching slowly along the cart track the wind had dropped, letting the clouds gather.
  • My grandfather was eighty when he died and was gathered to his fathers.
  • She watched Luke read it, saw the gathering frown carve two grooves over his aquiline nose.
  • The kings of the heartogram didn't fail to impress, with a diverse crowd gathered, including everyone from young punks to soccer moms and even a haggard old bat dancing around in lingerie.
  • A white blouse with gathered cuffs and lace at the throat where a red jewel lies. SEA MUSIC
  • In the Mhow area of India, where it is common practice to feed goats on the leaves of trees gathered in the forest, an experiment was conducted with uncastrated male goats aged about 14 months and weighing some 25 kg. Chapter 6
  • I stood in the doorway for a moment, gathering my energy for polite chitchat. FOOLS GOLD
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