How To Use Fruitage In A Sentence

  • a tree highly recommended for its fruitage
  • Each one who dedicates himself to Jehovah has a responsibility in this regard to endeavor to acquire fruitage by discipling people of the nations.
  • A good long stretch of wall covered with a selection of the best green-leaved kind is always interesting, and never more so than during the winter months, especially if at intervals the golden Japanese jasmine is planted among them or a few plants of pyracantha or of Simmon's cotoneaster for the sake of their coral fruitage. Scientific American Supplement, No. 433, April 19, 1884
  • Whereas the peach is a stocky tree, prolific and profitable to its owner, for to its unadmired and modest blossom succeedeth a toothsome fruitage. Romance of Roman Villas (The Renaissance)
  • Management level affects mainly the number of efficient horns per plant, and the ratio between parental lines affects mainly the ratio of fruitage, therefore affects the quantity of producing seed.
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  • Jesus of Nazareth said that we should judge actions by fruitage, in other words, by practical effects.
  • It is the seed planted in fertile soil that springs up into fruitage.
  • Its fruitage is succulency and sweet , and it owns abundant nutrition.
  • In so doing, our lives will be nourished by the Holy Spirit and we will thereby produce much fruitage.
  • "That money is not the main goal but rather the fruitage of our hard work," he said.
  • The hedges were green, and occasional clumps of cassina bent their branches beneath the weight of coral fruitage. Beulah

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